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Product Spotlight: Tennis Themed Happy Birthday Cards

Someone in the family came home the other day and asked if we had created any tennis happy birthday cards. I told them that we had not. I was told that we need to make at least one and it needed to have a black girl on the cover. “Oh,” I replied, “tell me why.” The answer was, “Because Serena Williams is awesome and we should have a card with her on the cover. Little black girls that play tennis would really like to get it on their birthday.”

With that guidance, I set out to create… a tribute card…??, I guess, for little black girls birthdays with a tennis theme. I know that we can’t use an image of Mrs. Williams, that would not be cool. And we want readers to know that Serena has not supported the creation of this card and in no way was involved in its creation. It would be really cool if she found out about it. It would be even better if she liked it. Or should I say them.


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