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Chess Attacks Explained: The Essential Techniques  By Steve Edwards       See Also The Best Books Of 2023 From Uk Talk Radio

Musician Chris Chafin   Chris Chafin is a Nashville guitarist who began his initial songwriting venture in 2022 with the sole purpose of writing a song for someone very close to him who was struggling with addiction issues. One month and three songs later Chris decided that he was going to track enough songs to […]

Infectious Injustice The True Story of Survival and Loss against Corruption, the COVID-19 Disaster inside of San Quentin, and the Dumpster Fire that is Known as Mass Incarceration  by Justin Cook A secret preview into the treacherous journey of a man thrown from a successful life in Silicon Valley into the dark asphyxiating prison of […]

The Music Eileithyia At Uk Talk Radio we’re on a mission to feature independent artists and we say welcome to Eileithyia My name is Eileithyia. I am an Independent artist from BKLYN, NY. Influences include: Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Beyonce, La India, J.Lo and many more. I am a melting pot of heritage and ideas. Which […]

Earl Winston & the Funky Big Band Earl Winston & the Funky Big Band are ready to set the groove ablaze with their latest single release “HER”. This jazzy, funky groove tune is a testament to the band’s unparalleled musicality and infectious energy that has captivated audiences worldwide. “HER” opens with Earl Winston delivering the […]

Justice Is A Must From Hxtra Rdi Once upon a time Once upon a time in the late 19th Century a Melenium Sensation was born, Ossian Graham. Great musicians are dime a dozen and this hard working individual goes by the recording artiste name; Hxtra Rdi, A warrior for a purpose in the musical tales […]

Discovering New Music and Independent Artists on UK Talk Radio: The Parlophonics, Queen Lady Elvira, and Wai Lana Introduction At Uk Talk Radio we play a lot of new music by independent artists. so if you’re on the hunt for fresh, exciting tunes that break away from the mainstream? Do you have a penchant for […]

The Parlophonics   BIO Electric supergroup BIO Electric supergroup, The Parlophonics (founded 2020), found their true calling as a threepiece rock outfit by working together long distance in perfect harmony. Lead vocalist Hugh Macdonald, guitarist and bassist Robert Horvath, and Fernando Perdomo on guitar and drums blend their individual sounds to celebrate their mutual love […]

Music From Alex Woburn     So I wrote ‘Magic Is This’ about a bloke I was seeing… it was all very rom-com-movie-cloud-9-vibes! You know when you like someone soooooo much; they text and you jump for your phone, they pull up outside and you run to the door!! It was that kind of situation […]

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