At UK Talk Radio We Turn The Spotlight On K-pop. See Artist ‘Come’ Now Added To The UK Talk Radio Air Play List; Why K-Pop is Your Next Musical Obsession: Unleash the Beat! Discover ‘Come’: The New K-Pop Sensation Unleash the Beat: Why K-Pop is Taking Over the World! K-Pop, or Korean Pop music, is […]

The Awesome Artist ‘COME’. The title song ‘LOSE’ combines the funkiness of singer ‘COME’, who is currently working as a k-pop idol producer, with the feel of kpop, and the luxurious song ‘Call your name’ that makes you shake your shoulders with an addictive melody and lyrics that you can’t escape. [LOSE] track 2. POP, […]

  At Uk Talk Radio, we’re excited to showcase new music from independent artists. Today, we’re featuring the latest track by Rafael Montecruz. Rafael Montecruz   I have been playing and writing music for many years. I take inspiration from my personal life as well as that around me. I love to write and tell […]

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