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Rock Music From Damiani     Meet Damiani New Single From UK Rock Band Damiani. From the North of England Andy Newsham : Lead Vocals David Arthur : Guitars, Vocals, Keys (Current Lead Vocalist with NWOBHM band Bitches Sin) Alan Owen : Drums David Rosingana : Bass, Vocals, Keys Buy the new Single on Amazon. […]

Unlock the Ultimate Listening Experience with Voice-Activated UK Talk Radio making your listening experience more seamless than ever before. With the introduction of our brand-new Alexa skill, accessing your favourite talk shows and music is as easy as speaking into the air. Let’s dive into how you can enhance your radio listening experience with the […]

LR-Productions: Anthology Series Book 1 Kindle Edition by Lester Williams Jr (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition LR-Productions: Anthology Series Book 1 By Lester Williams Jr (LR the Writer) Hybrid Guidebook Included Part 1: A Disclaimer From Your Mommy Hello, my dolly, it’s your mommy, who is challenging you to read every story in this anthology series that is filled with […]

Unlock the Secrets to a Joyful and Fulfilling Life with Mimi Novic   The Big Uk Talk Radio Interview With Mimi Novic Discover the Power of Motivation and Healing Mimi Novic stands as a beacon of inspiration in today’s world, her name synonymous with the pinnacle of motivational, inspirational, and spiritual literature. As a bestselling […]

At UK Talk Radio We Turn The Spotlight On K-pop. See Artist ‘Come’ Now Added To The UK Talk Radio Air Play List; Why K-Pop is Your Next Musical Obsession: Unleash the Beat! Discover ‘Come’: The New K-Pop Sensation Unleash the Beat: Why K-Pop is Taking Over the World! K-Pop, or Korean Pop music, is […]

  At Uk Talk Radio, we’re excited to showcase new music from independent artists. Today, we’re featuring the latest track by Rafael Montecruz. Rafael Montecruz   I have been playing and writing music for many years. I take inspiration from my personal life as well as that around me. I love to write and tell […]

Shattered! Shattered: The Foul Body Odor that Almost Killed ME By: Carry Wilson About the Book The Foul Body Odor that Almost Killed ME is a candid and deeply personal account of one woman’s struggle to obtain proper medical care for a rare and incurable condition called Trime-thylaminuria. Plagued by a terrible odor that not […]

Yearning For Spirituality? A Man Called Stan by Johan Henning Telling a highly original story with a fresh and engaging style, this is a book that is different to any that you have read before. You are about to discover a modern myth that will draw you in completely. Stan is an ordinary man whose […]

At UK Talk Radio we like to highlight new music for our listeners, today we introduce the music of High D;   High-D // The 80’s Song 3:27 January 1, 2024, Dee Records “My MTV, all music videos and scenes, like wuthering heights from wonderful 80´s theme.” Pekka Saukkonen, music, mixing and mastering Heidi Marjaana […]

At UK Talk Radio, we’re eager to highlight the health benefits of meditation and guide you on how to effectively practice it.   Free Mindfulness Meditation Tips   Unveiling Serenity: Ten Expert Insights into Guided Meditation   You Can Meditate in 6 Days And Feel Amazing   Embark on a journey of self-discovery and tranquillity […]

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