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                            About the single by just won’t let you sit and wait. The ninth single in less than 3 months just arrived. And this one is one of band’s favorites. Midlife Crisis tells the story how playing around, having fun and avoiding taking any responsibility might lead to the situation […]

Steffe Steel: The Maestro of Multifaceted Melodies In the expansive universe of musical innovation, Steffe Steel stands as a luminary, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity. A seasoned producer, singer-songwriter, mixing engineer, and musician, Steffe’s journey through the symphonic landscape has evolved into an impressive array of projects, each a testament to his versatility and […]

The Rock Music Magic Of Deadwater     About “deadwater”: I write, record, and produce alternative garage-rock from my basement in Virginia under the name “deadwater”. My style is raw, muddy, honest, unfiltered and at times untamed… and generally with a heavy dose of grunge flavoring. It’s fairly low-fi as all I use to record […]

“The Room”: Majic’s Mind-Blowing Rock Music Album That Will Leave You Begging for More!   The Big Radio Interview   This is the Download For The Radio Interview With Rock Band Majic  Click on the link first and then click the three dots on the right to download and own a copy ‘The Room’ by Majic […]

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