PTSD AND THE 12 STEPS PTSD AND THE 12 STEPS: A Tailored, Mindful, Calming, and Growth-Oriented Approach for Survivors, Family, and Friends Kindle Edition by DAVID PRESTON (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition For people with PTSD, the language of the 12 steps can be vague and even triggering. Use this expanded guide to find your way […]

The Grand Castle Boutique Rose Evergreen is a highly successful seamstress at The Grand Castle Boutique; a highly successful fashion boutique established by her late grandmother, Valerie Evergreen. Rose suffers from depression and trauma that is caused by the death of her first love, and husband, Charles, who passed away when he was called into […]

Along Came a Lion by Paul Page Along Came a Lion. Book 1 of the Fallen Exodus series. Journalist and author Lt. Col. Daniel Cheras (Retired) is investigating the mysterious billionaire genius Calvin Mayer, who has gained worldwide acclaim for his transformative innovations. Pursued relentlessly by the government, Mayer shrugs off persecutions and releases a radical cure for […]

PROGRAMS Kindle Edition by IRINA VYSOTSKAYA Greta, a young Swedish actress, leaves her home country and twin flame girlfriend, Clara, to become a movie star known as Margo Alba. The transformation she undergoes makes her a world-famous celebrity, but her new life lacks authenticity. Clara starts a family with Richard, who is a developer for […]

Two Sons from Egypt By R S Smith   Geoff Carter, the Breakfast Show presenter at UK Talk Radio, shares his thoughts on this amazing book: “Two Sons from Egypt, the inaugural instalment of The Lion Awakes series, unfolds the riveting untold tale of Moses, Thutmose III, and Hatshepsut—Egypt’s pioneering female pharaoh—against the backdrop of […]

… TALE SIGNS, HE’S TELLING THE TRUTH.: The Whole Truth     There are a few signs that may indicate someone is telling the truth. These include maintaining eye contact, providing detailed and consistent information, displaying minimal or no signs of anxiety or discomfort, and avoiding overly elaborate or rehearsed responses. Additionally, a truthful person […]

Liz Enko and the Charming and Harming of Farming Noam Inkfeather   Step into a poetic wonderland in debut book by author Noam Inkfeather, “Liz Enko and the Charming and Harming of Farming,” the first installment of a series of captivating Liz Enko books. This lyrical masterpiece, inspired by the works of Dr Seuss and […]

Unleash Your Potential: A Journey to Empowerment  by Emmanouil Stefanakis  Your best life is within reach – ready to grab it? Are you standing on the edge of change, ready to take the leap, but uncertain of the path forward? If the answer is yes, “Unleash Your Potential: Embracing Empowerment for Personal Growth and Fulfillment” is the catalyst you […]

Music from J.Á.H Introducing J.Á.H.’s Captivating New Music Track “Tied Down”: A Provocative and Ethereal Musical Experience Up-and-coming artist J.Á.H., pushing the boundaries of his artistry, following his two previous singles: “In Denial” and “More Than Lust” J.Á.H. is set to release his highly anticipated new single “Tied Down.” This captivating composition takes listeners on […]

Newton Gritters 1: The Foundation By Eddie Beasley Jr. A man named 3 is destined to prevail over the trials and tribulations of Baltimore so he resides in Canton, Ohio, with his sister, starting his journey off with a bag of prison clothes to eventually converting over to the underworld of Newton. His saga isn’t […]

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