Month: December 2023

 Sandwichez With Hustling   I’m an American rap artist, I don’t expect what everyone else does out of performance art! It’s like poetry to me I just want candles lit and fingers snapping which gives me a sense of success. Maybe I won’t make a song as good as my first one but I know […]

  An Author NEW NOVEL: “LUCKY LANCASTER” Peter’s historical, action/romance novel Lucky Lancaster is published by Pegásus Lucky Lancaster Peter Beale £12.99   Enjoy the Uk Talk Radio Review Plunge into the heart of the action This Free Extract From “Lucky” Lancaster    Lucky Lancaster charts the nail-biting seafaring adventures of James “Lucky” Lancaster as […]

Your Parent’s Buttons: An Interactive and Funny Button Book for Both Kids and Parents to Enjoy! by C. Kidd Your Parent’s Buttons is a delightful read that was initially written for the author’s children, ages one and six, while keeping the parent’s entertainment in mind. It offers a fun and interactive experience that encourages children […]

Swerve – The Untold Gospel of the Universe by Carnegie X At the gates of Heaven, in the Thirty-Sixth Chamber of the Kings, the Advocate and his generals sit in judgement on the souls that wait there. Unfortunately, there’s been a problem since the Requiem Virus, and when the Books of Life get loose the […]

ANYA RANDALL NEBEL   A N Y A  R A N D A L L  N E B E L      R E F U S I N G  T O  B E  P U T I N  A  M U S I C A L  B O X  I S  A N Y […]

She Set Him Up: The Untold Story of a Single Mother by Whitney Love (Author) Maria, who once faced the possibility of infertility, was thrown into a whirlwind of events that lead to an unexpected pregnancy. The surprise pregnancy leads to the abandonment of her child’s father, and the label of ‘the girl who set […]

Geoff Carter’s Review: Stoned Garden by Belle Butter 🌟 As the host of the flagship breakfast show on UK Talk Radio, I’ve come across countless stories, but “Stoned Garden” by Belle Butter left me intrigued and thoroughly entertained. This paperback, released on October 29, 2023, presents the captivating tale of Zoey, an ordinary divorced mom […]

Journey into the Past: Cultural Practices in Ancient Armenia Revealed Embark on a fascinating exploration into the heart of Armenian Ancient Religion, a captivating dive into the religious beliefs, rituals, deities, and cultural practices of ancient Armenians. This illuminating journey sheds light on the spiritual landscape of a time before the advent of Christianity, marking […]

At Uk Talk Radio we want to improve your life with guided mediation Truly Relaxing Life: Your Sanctuary for Serenity and Sound Sleep Sleepless Nights and Lack of Serenity During the Day Are sleepless nights causing you trouble, especially with the added pressure of Christmas preparations, shopping, and chores? At Truly Relaxing Life, we empathize […]

  The Music Of Pav Garm     Pav Garm on UK Talk With Spring Snow Pav Garm On Uk Talk Radio With This Morning_ That Evening

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