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  The Music Of Dr UD Obi     The Message Behind Worthy Of Love Dive into the soul-stirring vibes of Dr UD Obi’s latest track, ‘Worthy Of Love.’ A poignant masterpiece that sheds light on the shadows of domestic abuse, empowering survivors to break free from blame and silence. This touching gem resonates with […]

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Songwriter & Producer Shawn Camfield The Early Years Growing up on the East Side of Houston, Shawn Camfield’s musical journey began at age 12 with a guitar, igniting a passion that led him to become a remarkable guitarist, songwriter, and producer. At age 15, he was already crafting original songs and performing locally. In 1999, […]

Independent Artist Oral Saxman Rodriguez Oral Saxman Rodriguez out of Trinidad and Tobago sets off to fill that gap of instrumental recordings in the soca industry. He begins his journey with a fitting contribution titled SOCA SAX. Teaming up with super producer Stadic producer of T&T 2019 Road March. Soca music defined by Lord Shorty, its inventor, […]

  The Music Of Millicent E. Taffe   Millicent E. Taffe is a singer-songwriter raised in Brixton, South London. She had the opportunity to experience one of the best musical eras in the British capital, as she was really at the right place, at the right time when Lovers Rock was exploding! While she was […]

  The Music Of  Thibaut Van De Velde   My name is Thibaut Van De Velde. I live in Belgium and am 32 years old. You can follow and find me on Facebook. I have a passion for soundtracks my whole life (great examples are John Williams, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Thomas Bergersen, Danny Elfmann,…). […]

Justice Is A Must From Hxtra Rdi Once upon a time Once upon a time in the late 19th Century a Melenium Sensation was born, Ossian Graham. Great musicians are dime a dozen and this hard working individual goes by the recording artiste name; Hxtra Rdi, A warrior for a purpose in the musical tales […]

Music From SCHUTZHUND NEW RELEASE TODAY !! “Without you” is a summer vibes good mood song. The artist SCHUTZHUND comes from “Good Old Germany” and has great fun experimenting with different music styles in combination with EDM. Look forward to more “hot stuff” soon!   SCHUTZHUND on YouTube   Musician SCHUTZHUND on Spotify     […]

Joelias On UK Talk Radio NEW RELEASE TODAY !! Get ready to groove to the rhythm of a captivating musical journey as Joelias unveils his newest single, a delightful blend of traditional reggae and irresistible pop melodies. The latest release effortlessly weaves the soulful essence of reggae with the infectious hooks of quirky pop that […]

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