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 The New single By J.Á.H Is  ‘More Than Lust’   J.A.H chats to Uk Talk Radio’s Geoff Carter about his new single ‘More Than Lust’ and more about the super awesome new music he creates.   Download The J.A.H Interview   J.Á.H new single: More Than Lust J.Á.H.’s third single – More Than Lust, is […]

  James Flamez Elisia     so I’m a 26 year old artist from Switzerland, been writing and making music for 3 years now and my genre is mostly rap/trap/hiphop but this one in particular is a radio friendly track I wrote and recorded for my ex girlfriend that meant a lot to me and […]

No Serial Killers Awesome New Music   No Serial Killer have recently completed a 44-track, quadruple-album of original songs. Every single song on the album is excellent! No Serial Killer is a music concept designed to eliminate murder in society. It’s the brainchild of AKM, a self-taught pianist/songwriter. He plays the piano like a bass […]

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Help your favourite new music artist or band. Vote for them now. You get one vote for each song every 24 hours. Charts from Sunday 20th until 27th November 2022 Congratulations To Purity of Heart A first Week At Number One 1 2677 CHILD OF LIGHT HOLD ON. Purity Of Heart 2 2453 BAD Xanadu […]

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