SAT GAME From Detroit,Mi with the new song Pap-Smear which is now playing on UK Talk Radio     Amazing Legendary Instrument-list SAT GAME   Amazon Music   Amazon Music   Amazon Music Amazon   Amazon Music   Amazon Music Instagram     LiveOne   LiveOne   NLD Solutions   ReverbNation   Sound Cloud   […]

The Music Of Acudo      Instagram link Link To Spotify Link To YouTube Channel     See Also UK Talk Radio Hot 100 Charts   See Also The Free Radio Podcasts

Coming from the South Bronx section of New York City, Ka-osi is here to drop that fire 🔥 as usual with his new song get up and dance stay tuned. We add this awesome artist to the UK Talk Radio playlist, to listen live click Uk Talk Radio for new music and the hits from […]

Unveiling the Hottest Tracks of April & May 2024: Christian WOlf Takes Over UK Talk Radio! New Additions to Our Playlist We’re thrilled to announce the latest sensation hitting our airwaves this April and May 2024! Christian Wolf, the phenomenal talent behind the captivating singles “New Car” and “Fly Away,” is now featured on UK […]

Musician Wes Dean on UK Talk Radio   Dive into Wes Dean’s powerful odyssey heartbreak as he navigates the elusive ‘American Dream’. This gripping tale of disillusionment is now captivating audiences on UK Talk Radio.  As this song is on the official playlist for March 2024. Don’t miss your chance to shape the charts – […]

Unraveling Dementia: A Comprehensive Guide for Families Kindle By  John Harrison In the labyrinth of dementia, families often find themselves grappling with confusion, fear, and uncertainty. “Unraveling Dementia: A Comprehensive Guide for Families” by John Harrison is a beacon of clarity and hope amid this daunting journey. With profound insight and compassionate guidance, Harrison delves […]

Better Man On The Uk Talk Radio Playlist Rocky Michaels: Rocky Michaels is a multi award winning independent singer-songwriter/recording artist. He began playing piano at age 5 and crafted his skills into songwriting throughout high school. November 2023: Rocky’s song: “An Uncomfortable Truth” was adopted as the anthem for an Upcoming special book endeavor dedicated […]

Musician Rekso For Easy Listening Music     “Dreamin’ You” Hits the Uk Talk Radio Charts: The Latest Sensation from RekSo The Magic of “Dreamin’ You”: A Love Ballad That Captures Hearts In the realm of music where the soul meets melody, “Dreamin’ You” emerges as a transcendent love song by the gifted RekSo, captivating […]

The Music of Didier Recloux   Didier Recloux is a Belgium born composer based in London, he has written music for the groundbreaking TV series (BBC World) “The History of Africa with Zeinab Badawi” as well as the main theme for the “Take me to The Opera” series. His latest project is a “companion” soundtrack […]

The Revolutionary Ways PokeG Beats is Changing Nashville’s Music Scene Dive into the heart of Nashville’s music revolution with PokeG Beats, whose unique blend of Pokémon-inspired themes and hip-hop is setting the music charts ablaze. Discover his groundbreaking single “Depend On Me” and see why this artist is not to be missed. Nashville has long […]

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