Maya Mysun & the World that does not Exist:  By PM Perry Maya Mysun is a dreamer; tormented by the vision of the wraith & the event she witnessed, something she cannot reveal to anyone not even her protective twin, Jack. Their thirteenth birthday was supposed to be the best one yet but her troubles […]

The Fall By Albert Jaskula   Regrets are like birthdays—they keep coming, each one a new scar slowing you down and dragging you closer to your grave. Ariel Fall, a seasoned private investigator, knew this well. After the devastating loss of his wife and young daughter, Ariel attempts to forge ahead, leaving behind the painful […]

10 Steps To Make You A Better Swimmer  by Prentice Sanders  Unleash Your Swim Mastery: A Gaming-Inspired Guide for Young Athletes Dive into Epic Parallels: Swim Mastery Tips Explored Ever thought swimming and gaming had nothing in common? Think again! This guide, tailored for young athletes like you, unveils exhilarating parallels between the realms of […]

EMBRACING ETERNITY  by HEDIR AL-CHALABI Step into the mesmerizing world of Embracing Eternity — an electrifying exploration of morality that will not only challenge your beliefs but also leave you utterly captivated, unable to resist its magnetic pull. This is a universe where the boundaries of societal norms collide head-on with the depths of personal […]

MATD Feat. Johanna – Driftwood of Love Driftwood of Love – Story behind. This song is dedicated to those who never took their chances and gripped someone they were in love with! Life is short and we flow in the big sea of love. Sometimes we remember the time when we should have taken a […]

Healing through Service Sgt Q  Aaron is a Marine veteran who understands the importance of mental health. As a forward observer, he specialized in communication, but he also holds billets for Naval Weapons Security Management and Close Combat Instructor. He’s an expert marksman and master parachutist with several awards for distinguished service to veterans and […]

Author David Whittet David Whittet is a family doctor, a multi-award-winning independent filmmaker and an author. Storytelling has been in David’s DNA for as long as he can remember. As a child, the serialisations of classic literature on television each Sunday teatime were the highlight of his week. A dramatisation of Oliver Twist had a […]

As Seen On American Idol Raquel Trinidad Singer/Songwriter         More On Raquel Trinidad Raquel is a 23-year-old singer living in Miami, Florida. She has always loved singing and wanted to be a singer since she was a young girl. She got her first break when she picked up a role as a […]

Bubbles & Balls Carol Singer is an incredibly creative and free-spirited individual who is a professional singer, dancer, and the proud author of the book “Bubbles & Balls”  which is focused on uplifting and motivating people to step out of their comfort zone and trust their gut to lead a happy and fulfilling life. From […]

The Music Of Majic The band MAJIC has two songs called “Callin’ Out” and “Only In DrmZ”. “Callin’ Out” is a funky, upbeat track with a catchy chorus and a blend of modern and retro sounds. “Only In DrmZ” is a dreamy, atmospheric song with a mellow vibe and introspective lyrics. Both songs showcase MAJIC’s […]

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