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At Uk Talk Radio we recommend & spotlight writers that we know you will enjoy. Our author is Natascha Enriquez Tune into your Happiness Frequency   Your blueprint for mental and physical wellbeing Tune into your Happiness Frequency Backed by scientific research and delivered in an easy-to-digest manner, this captivating guide empowers you to make […]

At Uk Talk Radio we recommend & spotlight writers that we know you will enjoy. Our choosen author is Ian Flint Leo Trevelion and the Lion Ring; Tale of Turning 21 Takes Readers on One of the Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventures of the Year   Combining the science fiction of alien planets and advanced technology with […]

Tony Losito with Sacred Obligation, The True Story of America’s Cop my name is Tony Losito, I am the author of “Sacred Obligation, The True Story of America’s Cop” and my first book, “Woke, The Spiritual Awakening of 9/11 Rescue & Recovery Worker.” My most recent book, Sacred Obligation chronicles my 30-year career in law […]

Daniel Ruczko On The Radio     Pieces of a Broken Mind   Pieces of a Broken Mind is the raw and honest portrayal of Richard Bryght, a struggling Seattle writer with dreams too big for a single lifetime-navigating love, loss, and the pursuit of artistic fulfillment. Haunted by a past relationship and his mother’s mental […]

Kayla Cunningham Author Of ‘Fated To Love You’   The official review from Geoff Carter CEO, Uk Talk Radio Unleash the Power of Destiny in ” Fate to love you” by Kayla Cunningham! Prepare to Be Captivated! 💔 Heartbreak, Rainforests, and an Unforeseen Love! Brace Yourself for “Fated To Love You” by Kayla Cunningham! In […]

God’s Gift By Freddie Floyd Jr   God has a plan for you. So does the devil. Learn to take back your power and follow God’s path. It’s no secret that being a teenager is tough. You may feel confused, unsure what good traits you should be adopting, or how to ensure you’re living God’s […]

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The Author Of The Month   Freddie Floyd Jr Purchase On Amazon   Review by Geoff Carter, UK Talk Radio As a man navigating the complexities of love, relationships, and marriage, I was in search of guidance, wisdom, and practical advice. I yearned to understand the essence of healthy relationships and the vital role I […]

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