Month: October 2023

At UK Talk Radio we like to feature new music. We introduce;   Backstrom with Animal (feat. Bart Topher)     Click Here For Amazon Click Here For YouTube Channel Link Click Here For Instagram     Click Here For This Song In The Country Chart The Music Of Backstrom (feat. Bart Topher)   Link […]

Infectious Injustice The True Story of Survival and Loss against Corruption, the COVID-19 Disaster inside of San Quentin, and the Dumpster Fire that is Known as Mass Incarceration  by Justin Cook A secret preview into the treacherous journey of a man thrown from a successful life in Silicon Valley into the dark asphyxiating prison of […]

At Uk Talk Radio we love to bring great books to your attention. Try; The Lion and the Leopard by Mary Ellen Johnson The passions of Maria Rendell, the beautiful Lady of Kent, her husband, Phillip Rendell, and Maria’s lover, Richard, Earl of Sussex, are played out against the bloody backdrop of war-torn Plantagenet England […]

“The Art of Sleep: How Meditation Can Transform Your Nights”   Introduction: Unlocking the Power of Quality Sleep and Relaxation through Meditation In our fast-paced, modern lives, it’s all too easy to underestimate the significance of quality sleep and relaxation. We often find ourselves caught in the relentless whirlwind of daily tasks, work pressures, and […]

As Seen On American Idol Raquel Trinidad Singer/Songwriter         More On Raquel Trinidad Raquel is a 23-year-old singer living in Miami, Florida. She has always loved singing and wanted to be a singer since she was a young girl. She got her first break when she picked up a role as a […]

At UK Talk Radio, we want to highlight books that really work. Try; The Perfect Closing Script By Simon Bedros       The Perfect Closing Script: A Simple Three-Step Process to Effortlessly Close More Sales (Communication Skills , Sales Techniques, Handling Objections, Closing Deals) 2nd Edition: Revised & Expanded Kindle Edition By Simon Bedros Ever […]

Bubbles & Balls Carol Singer is an incredibly creative and free-spirited individual who is a professional singer, dancer, and the proud author of the book “Bubbles & Balls”  which is focused on uplifting and motivating people to step out of their comfort zone and trust their gut to lead a happy and fulfilling life. From […]

The Music Of Majic The band MAJIC has two songs called “Callin’ Out” and “Only In DrmZ”. “Callin’ Out” is a funky, upbeat track with a catchy chorus and a blend of modern and retro sounds. “Only In DrmZ” is a dreamy, atmospheric song with a mellow vibe and introspective lyrics. Both songs showcase MAJIC’s […]

UK Talk Radio is renowned for its unwavering support of independent artists. We’re delighted to welcome Catlea back, who reached the number one spot on the UK Talk Radio Hot 100 Singles Chart in 2022 with the hit “Love Isn’t Enough.” Now, in 2023, the talented singer makes a triumphant return with a brand new […]

Lies, Lust, and Larceny: How to retire in Scandinavia   by Lisa Marie Shankles  It’s Dyngus Day in Buffalo, New York where identical twin sisters Lilah and Laylah Larceny (pronounced LAR -SEN-EE) are celebrating their favorite ethnic festival as they are getting ready to retire from their 30-year careers as makeover queens. The twins are similar, […]

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