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SAT GAME From Detroit,Mi with the new song Pap-Smear which is now playing on UK Talk Radio     Amazing Legendary Instrument-list SAT GAME   Amazon Music   Amazon Music   Amazon Music Amazon   Amazon Music   Amazon Music Instagram     LiveOne   LiveOne   NLD Solutions   ReverbNation   Sound Cloud   […]

Rap Star Prezzaman On The Radio England Girls Trust Me   Prezzaman On The Radio Playlist Live At  https://streaming.live365.com/a76301   England Girls is a European Cup Anthem for the England Women’s Team written, performed & produced by Presley Carl Timothy. Music by South African Police Officer J P Thomas. Mixed & Mastered by Greg Webster […]

 Sandwichez With Hustling   I’m an American rap artist, I don’t expect what everyone else does out of performance art! It’s like poetry to me I just want candles lit and fingers snapping which gives me a sense of success. Maybe I won’t make a song as good as my first one but I know […]

Songwriter Dru Solomon   Combining a strong grunge sound with outlandish visuals, eclectic indie producer and songwriter Dru Solomon also known to some as Drusif, mixes the hard core 90s rap culture with Alternative R&B. Originating from Roseville MN, Drusif made his first upload to Spotify in September of 2020 with his first ever single […]

  Lyyvve “Choosey Lover” The Awesome new single, Choosey Lover Lyve On YouTube The Artist- The Music Lyyvve, also known as Olivia Marion is a rap artist who uses music and poetry as an emotional and creative escape for herself. Lyyvve was internationally raised due to her father being in the military – Later Lyyvve […]

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