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‘Society is Rapidly Changing’   By Real Fake Diamonds Click Here For Apple Link The Background  One day somewhere on the edge of time, and possibly at the end of the world as we know it, singer and writer, Harold Arthur Steel of Real Fake Diamonds, looked up at what was once his old school. […]

Hold Yer Horses, Pardner   by Cody L Spencer Clever rhymes and colorful illustrations work together to create a “fun for the whole family” story about two cowboys who learn not to make assumptions. Purchase On Amazon UK Purchase On Amazon USA  

Singer and song writer Kieran James   Click Here For Apple Link   Kieran James is a rhythm-and-blues singer and song writer of English, Welsh and Ghanaian descent based in London, England. Known amongst his fans for his sonic versatility and conscious lyricism, his music explores romance, suffering and ethics, and is inspired by his […]

Composer & Songwriter M-ARIO Click Here For Apple Link     M-ARIO is a composer and songwriter based in Poland. His aim is to provide listeners with a modern form of fairy tale. It is achieved by colliding different music styles and voices. „Am I still dreaming?” is a case in point. This track is […]

Dewayne Hart Cybersecurity Expert Dewayne Hart is a steward who significantly impacts the cybersecurity ecosystem. He has developed a common-sense practice for road mapping cybersecurity through various experiences and engagement with technology. His professional experience includes Risk Management, Security Engineering, Vulnerability Management, and Workforce Development in the cybersecurity industry. Before embarking upon his career in […]

Avii Garde New Single It’s Not Easy Click Here For Apple Link   Avii Garde Inspirational new single, It’s Not Easy   Avii Garde is an artist who makes music based on alternative genres. He delivers messages to people all over the world through music.   The Track Avii Garde – It’s Not Easy Many […]

Ostarè “God Loves A Woman”     Ostarè “God Loves A Woman” Inspirational new single, Celebrates inner child healing and self-empowerment  “No one can tell you who you are, there is only one authentic version of you” says Ostarè. “You know and you have a mission – don’t get discouraged. There is a light at the end of the […]

The Fan Page For M-Ritz Click Here For Spotify Link   A native of historically grunge-infused Seattle, M-Ritz is an emerging Pop Singer & Songwriter flavored with East-Coast swagger from her recent years in New York. Vocally trained in Classical and Jazz, and imbued with a wide range of musical genre influences such as Opera, Rock, […]

Ynh poppa ft Omar With Catch A Vibe     Click Here For Apple Link   Click Here For Spotify Link Click Here For Apple Link  

The Music Of The Pure Persuasion Project The Pure Persuasion Project was inspired by sad and unfortunate events; teenage and young adults, or anyone for that matter, giving up on themselves, forgetting the courage and the belief in themselves that got them through any adversity. The songs serve to inspire the listener to reawaken the […]

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