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Runway Dreams A Pricey Affair By T.K Ambers At Uk Talk Radio we love to feature book . We draw to your attention T K Ambers Runway Dreams “Ambers’ debut offers romantic suspense in a world of high fashion. It features memorable protagonists and a plot that unfolds with surprising twists and turns.” – Kirkus […]

Singer Queen Lady Elvira   New Web Site/ The New cd is Volumexxiii Queen Lady Elvira, a Caribbean-born R’n’B singer and songwriter, developed a passion for music at a young age while growing up in Europe, specifically in The Netherlands. Her musical influences primarily encompassed soul, blues, and jazz genres.     Despite her interest […]

 Mutton Xops Born in NYC, rock artist Mutton Xops brings new energy to the craft after major life events brought him to music.  This fuels the emotional songwriting and guitar riffs he creates in his self-built studio. Working with artists worldwide, he continues to compose while drawing inspiration from personal experiences.     Mutton Xops […]

Status report by David Ukiwe About the author David Ukiwe is a General Physician and a Tech-entrepreneur. He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP). He is passionate about using technology to improve productivity and well-being. David currently serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Lectie, an events-focused interactive calendar platform. […]

‘Fly Away’ by Rodney Standlee   Singer RODNEY STANDLEE talks about ‘fly Away’ I originally titled the song caterpillar as a kids song. I am changing the title to Fly Away since it may be a more appropriate title commercially. This may clear up any confusion concerning the streaming service title. I wrote this song […]

  ‘All of my life’ – The Story Behind The Song with so many outside influences telling you how to talk, walk, and what you should wear, what you should not. how you should behave. what emotions you can show, what emotions you can’t show. what your voice should sound like if you were male […]

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  Smoky Ghosts Of Big Trees   New Album Release The New Album! The New Album From SMOKY GHOSTS OF BIG TREES. The new album contains 11 new songs for 2023! Here is the list of the songs: 1. Gunfight in Your Mind (Album Mix) 2. The Purple Cactus 3. Pilot to Bombardier 4. Sasquatch […]

Joseph Rutakangwa   The Single ‘I Am Meant For You’ Joseph explains more about his latest single  “I Am Meant For You” is a heartfelt and emotional song that revolves around the theme of love and eternal connection. It speaks to the profound belief that two souls are destined to be together and emphasizes the […]

Spirituality Explained!   📚🌟 “Spirituality – Humanity’s Trudge Towards a Higher Consciousness” by Paul Gregory: A Profound Journey of Awakening 🌌✨   Purchase On Amazon   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   Geoff Carter the CEO and the presenter of the flagship Breakfast Show at UK Talk Radio Says; In the pursuit of meaning beyond the material realm, I […]

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