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“The Room”: Majic’s Mind-Blowing Rock Music Album That Will Leave You Begging for More!   The Big Radio Interview   This is the Download For The Radio Interview With Rock Band Majic  Click on the link first and then click the three dots on the right to download and own a copy ‘The Room’ by Majic […]

Upcoming artist Mia Noni I’m an upcoming artist from The Bahamas. I like making music that’s futuristic, melodic, and experimental. This song “Inside Your Mind” is about being attracted to someone for their intellect, for who they are on the inside and not on the outside. Inside Your Mind     Links Click Here For […]

 Jamie Backlight   Jamie Backlight says, I wanna share with you my favourite song : The worst guy to love. Living in a relationship as painful as it is passionate Feel like you are suffocating ! Do you feel like living in the shadow ? For you who are looking to shine, I wrote this […]

Gospel Rapper H-I-P H-I-P is an American Gospel Rapper with Hits that are family and/or radio friendly, and has a Gospel Rap Album “GLORY” coming soon to all digital platforms. Fellow H-I-P on all digital platforms for more jams from the perfected MC. Heavenz Party       Click Here For Apple Link     […]

NELLY TGM NELLY TGM is a singer and songwriter from Iran. Her first bold appearance was on 2017 with the song „Fever” (As a member of The Great Mood band). Beside her Pop career, she’s so interested in EDM and Trance that led her to do collaborations with several artists, like DJ FEEL, HYPERSIA or […]

Somimey Somimey is a singer-songwriter of Nigerian descent born and raised in London, England. Her first debut single titled ‘Room Alone’ and its visualiser was officially released earlier this year, in January. Written during a period of personal struggle, she displays an uninhibited presentation of the realities and vulnerabilities encircling mental health. There is an […]

Love Is The Air   Our e_books offer valuable insights and advice for finding love, improving relationships,and mastering the dating game.   What People Say “Transformed my relationship! Tools and strategies improved our happiness. Highly recommend these e_books “ – Jane Cooper Time For Love This Valentine’s   Discover more here

‘Society is Rapidly Changing’   By Real Fake Diamonds Click Here For Apple Link The Background  One day somewhere on the edge of time, and possibly at the end of the world as we know it, singer and writer, Harold Arthur Steel of Real Fake Diamonds, looked up at what was once his old school. […]

Mister Electro Play It Loud Click Here For YouTube Channel The YouTube Video   Click Here For Spotify Link   Click Here For Facebook Link     Also, The podcast free page is HERE

90 dayz (Ft.Dee Wolf) with Full Confession Click Here For Apple Link The YouTube Video   Click Here For Instagram Link   Also, The Uk Talk Radio Hot 100 is HERE

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