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 New Music! Feel The Power By  Anonymous 17 MY BACKGROUND I have been singing since I can remember and as a child would entertain anyone who would listen. I started messing around with recording in my teens and then decided to focus on writing songs with my Producer and co-writer. Its been a blast. MY […]

 Kingkoss On YouTube Links The Streaming Platform For Kingkoss Reviews For The Music Of Kingkoss    The Social Media For Kingkoss Click Here For Kingkoss Instagram Click Here For Kingkoss on Tiktok See Also The UK Talk Radio Hot 100 Music Charts

 The New single By J.Á.H Is  ‘More Than Lust’   J.A.H chats to Uk Talk Radio’s Geoff Carter about his new single ‘More Than Lust’ and more about the super awesome new music he creates.   Download The J.A.H Interview   J.Á.H new single: More Than Lust J.Á.H.’s third single – More Than Lust, is […]

The Silent Killer Lurking in Your Heart! “The Silent Killer Lurking in Your Heart: Learn How to Fight Back with ‘THE SILENT DEATH’ Book!” Geoff Carter From Uk Talk Radio’s Breakfast Show says; “The Silent Death” by Moise Maah is an eye-opening book that sheds light on the silent killer of heart disease, which is […]

THE ART OF BEING MORE LIKEABLE’ Transform Your Life with This Groundbreaking Book from Switzerland’s #1 Sales & Leadership Expert!”   Geoff Carter From the flagship Uk Talk Radio Breakfast show says; Are you tired of feeling undervalued and unappreciated in both your personal and professional life? Do you want to achieve true happiness and […]

Authors Of The Month Kelly Tabor & Richard Rossi with Lucy & the Lake Monster: Volume One “Lucy Lago is a nine year-old orphan. She believes that Champ, the Lake Champlain Sea Serpent, lives and lurks in the lake by her cabin in Crown Point. She lives there with her grandpa, who she calls “Papa.” […]

Olya K   About The Artist Olya K – international singer-songwriter living her Californian dream. Best known for her hit dance-pop song “Hollywood,” She joined her first cover band at twenty years old and has been performing ever since. Olya was born and raised in Bulgaria, before relocating to downtown Nashville. Here she got the […]

Rodney Standlee   Purchase On Amazon   My name is Rodney Standlee and I am from Meeker Oklahoma in the United States. I have been writing songs for over twenty years. I enjoy the process of telling stories in a way that cause the listener to actually create in their minds, imagery from their own […]

  Gary Louca, The Spirit of Toronto The Official Trailer     Vote for The Spirit Of Toronto In The Official Uk Talk Radio Hot 100   More On The Spirit Of Toronto   The Spirit of Toronto       Also, Remember When! With The 80s At 8

LOVE IN ANOTHER TIME by Lexa Dudley LOVE IN ANOTHER TIME A SARDINIAN SAGA by Lexa Dudley   England, 1947. Ellie Montford is sent to boarding school by her cold and distant parents, joining her best friend’s family on their farm for the holidays. She forges a bond with her friend’s brother, Simon, who promises to marry her […]

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