At UK Talk Radio we like to highlight new music for our listeners, today we introduce the music of High D;   High-D // The 80’s Song 3:27 January 1, 2024, Dee Records “My MTV, all music videos and scenes, like wuthering heights from wonderful 80´s theme.” Pekka Saukkonen, music, mixing and mastering Heidi Marjaana […]

At UK Talk Radio, we’re eager to highlight the health benefits of meditation and guide you on how to effectively practice it.   Free Mindfulness Meditation Tips   Unveiling Serenity: Ten Expert Insights into Guided Meditation   You Can Meditate in 6 Days And Feel Amazing   Embark on a journey of self-discovery and tranquillity […]

Emmy Godson Cashout       New Album : Emmy Godson in transit, Available on all music platforms     see also The UK Talk Radio Hot 100 Singles Chart

The Music From Deadwater Deadwater is the moniker of alt-rock guitarist/songwriter Jonny Rivers. From his basement in Virginia, he creates emotionally devastating recordings, exploring mental health, addiction, and struggle in startling detail. Since emerging in late 2023, he has built an impressive repertoire of guitar-driven rock recordings while endearing himself to a small but devoted […]

31 prayers for single parents Churmell Mitchell is a dedicated advocate for families and individuals, leveraging over 15 years of professional experience to empower and uplift communities. His multifaceted background in working with diverse groups, including parents, single moms and dads, foster parents, nonprofits, churches, and corporate entities, has been instrumental in his mission to […]

Great R&B Music Graffiti Butterfly With Eager London About The Artist Music artist Eager London is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer who hails from the streets of San Diego, CA. With a multitude of talents under his belt, London has garnered recognition for his exceptional work. The prolific songwriter has penned songs for numerous […]

                            About the single by just won’t let you sit and wait. The ninth single in less than 3 months just arrived. And this one is one of band’s favorites. Midlife Crisis tells the story how playing around, having fun and avoiding taking any responsibility might lead to the situation […]

“At Uk Talk Radio we bring you the breakfast show. Kickstart your mornings with a burst of energy on UK Talk Radio! Join us for the Geoff Carter Breakfast Show, airing bright and early from 7:30 am to 10:30 am.” Wake Up with Geoff Carter on the UK Talk Radio Breakfast Show 🌅📻 The Best […]

 Sandwichez With Hustling   I’m an American rap artist, I don’t expect what everyone else does out of performance art! It’s like poetry to me I just want candles lit and fingers snapping which gives me a sense of success. Maybe I won’t make a song as good as my first one but I know […]

  An Author NEW NOVEL: “LUCKY LANCASTER” Peter’s historical, action/romance novel Lucky Lancaster is published by Pegásus Lucky Lancaster Peter Beale £12.99   Enjoy the Uk Talk Radio Review Plunge into the heart of the action This Free Extract From “Lucky” Lancaster    Lucky Lancaster charts the nail-biting seafaring adventures of James “Lucky” Lancaster as […]

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