Thalerg With Awesome New Music Click Here For Spotify Link “James, who are you?”, the new single of Thalerg But who are we? Who is Thalerg? THALERG is a songwriter born in Lyon (France) at the end of the 60´s with a passion for music from an early age. In his ears? Lots of classical […]

Fan Page For El Duvell Fernandez Brooks is the real definition of a go-getter; this St Mary based talented artist goes by the name of El Duvell. To date he has released numerous Singles such as Fast mode, Money tree, good book among others that have gained traction on social media. Mr Books was always […]

Rebel Camp With Awesome New Music The composer of this song was left at the altar on his wedding day. Standing in front of a mirror and dancing became a respite from the depression he suffered as a result and it would become the inspiration for the track now Titled, Dance Dance Dance. Together with […]

Snowie And The Reindeers   With Christmas Girl  

The Fan Page For Cytonic Rhymes Memories talk about the good old days when I lived in Kuwait, but I’m from Bahrain. The good old days and keeping your friends close and keeping in touch with them. Sitting down in the room and just remembering the good old times. but sadly, you can’t go back […]

Boden, Bethany, Navek and Henna are wizards who have chosen a life of adventures. In their coming of age, they set forth into Tream Heartaya a place of wonder and art. They travel into the wild between castle towns which sit in their own worlds. Outside is dangerous, but inside is safe. On their way, […]

The Fan Page for Daytona Chase     Lost Friends Song is about how people lose friends because of being treated poorly and you don’t cry or try to get friends back once you lose them Click Here For Apple Link  

New Hip Hop Artist ‘Taz’   I “TAZ” am a 17 year old new hip hop artist from Ottawa Canada. I just started singing in April this year 2022. I have 8 songs out now on all social media platforms. My newest track “She wanna know me” just dropped Nov 19 2022. I’m currently in […]

Daffodil Cord Click Here For Spotify Link Daffodil Cord is an independent alternative rock artist from Surrey, UK. Their music is influenced by the spacious sounds of psychedelia from both sides of the pond in the sixties, mixed with a modern touch. Daffodil Cord has spent the better part of the last ten years honing […]

Iliyan Kuzmanov Is Number One!   Awesome News! The Number One Author In The UK Talk Radio Best Reads Chart is Iliyan Kuzmanov Click Here For The Book Charts   Social Entrepreneur Iliyan Kuzmanov is a Bulgarian writer, journalist, public figure, and social entrepreneur. Founder of the award winning social venture Ezo in London, and […]

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