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Musician Rekso For Easy Listening Music


Musician Rekso playing on UK Talk Radio


“Dreamin’ You” Hits the Uk Talk Radio Charts: The Latest Sensation from RekSo

Musician Rekso playing on UK Talk Radio

The Magic of “Dreamin’ You”: A Love Ballad That Captures Hearts

In the realm of music where the soul meets melody, “Dreamin’ You” emerges as a transcendent love song by the gifted RekSo, captivating audiences worldwide and securing its place at the pinnacle of the International Chart. This jazzy ballad is a testament to the power of soft piano keys intertwined with the unique charm of horn solos, creating an atmosphere of romance and nostalgia that listeners find irresistible.

RekSo: A Musical Luminary Bridging Emotions and Memories

RekSo, a seasoned musician with a career that spans over five decades, has once again demonstrated his profound ability to articulate the human experience through music. With “Dreamin’ You,” he encapsulates moments of love, victory, and reflection, showcasing his talent not just as a pianist but also as a composer who seamlessly blends melodies with meaningful lyrics. His background in psychology and people management adds layers of depth to his music, making each composition resonate on a personal level with his audience.

“Dreamin’ You” is not merely a song but a journey into the heart of storytelling through music, inviting listeners to explore the rich tapestry of emotions that define our lives. Whether you’re seeking solace at home or inspiration on a city stroll, let RekSo’s “Dreamin’ You” serenade you with its heartfelt melodies and timeless appeal.

Musician RekSo on UK Talk Radio

RekSo is a versatile musician / song writer / composer, also a professional with expertise in people’s management, as well as having a degree in psychology..

He plays piano since 5 years old, then joined campus’ band and still performs in jam-sessions with friends, until now… Music has always been his passion for more than 5 decades…

He creates songs that reflect people’s memorable moments :
• from falling in love to longing for love…
• from dedicating the “Song For The Champions” to celebrating the glorious of “Victory”..
• from “Dreamin’ You” to “Deja Vu”… and so on..

As a PIANIST and a PSYCHOLOGIST, he creates an easy-listening yet soul-searching kind

of music, for everyone to enjoy…


Musician Rekso playing on UK Talk Radio

Dreamin’ You Playing On The UK Talk Radio Playlist





1. Dreamin’ You is No. 1 International Chart in BMS Radio Chicago International Chart

New Music

2. Videoclip is already on Channel 29 Satelite and Cable TV with at least 2 million viewers in Brazil São Paulo every single day in the morning, and then on Saturdays between 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM São Paulo Brazil time.


Dreamin’ You has been added to the UK Talk Radio Playlist 18th March 2024


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