Month: December 2022

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Are you Ready   Asks B Lexie?         Love 80’s music? Click Here For More 80’s

Jack T Harper on Uk Talk Radio     Talking The Making Of When Christmas Begins Click Here For Spotify Link       Also, To Grab A Uk Talk Radio Podcast Click Here

Your friends are like boobs and Freddie Schuster is here to tell you why   It’s been a while since we heard from Freddie Schuster, aka Freddie Heart (formerly of Madhouse). His latest project, genXpired, is all about staying true to himself and making sure the music stays fun. and Freddie Schuster is here to […]

Songwriter Dru Solomon   Combining a strong grunge sound with outlandish visuals, eclectic indie producer and songwriter Dru Solomon also known to some as Drusif, mixes the hard core 90s rap culture with Alternative R&B. Originating from Roseville MN, Drusif made his first upload to Spotify in September of 2020 with his first ever single […]

Hold Yer Horses, Pardner   by Cody L Spencer Clever rhymes and colorful illustrations work together to create a “fun for the whole family” story about two cowboys who learn not to make assumptions. Purchase On Amazon UK Purchase On Amazon USA  

Thalerg With Awesome New Music Click Here For Spotify Link “James, who are you?”, the new single of Thalerg But who are we? Who is Thalerg? THALERG is a songwriter born in Lyon (France) at the end of the 60´s with a passion for music from an early age. In his ears? Lots of classical […]

Fan Page For El Duvell Fernandez Brooks is the real definition of a go-getter; this St Mary based talented artist goes by the name of El Duvell. To date he has released numerous Singles such as Fast mode, Money tree, good book among others that have gained traction on social media. Mr Books was always […]

Rebel Camp With Awesome New Music The composer of this song was left at the altar on his wedding day. Standing in front of a mirror and dancing became a respite from the depression he suffered as a result and it would become the inspiration for the track now Titled, Dance Dance Dance. Together with […]

Snowie And The Reindeers   With Christmas Girl  

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