Month: August 2022

Mr Streetz with the song ‘Hood Therapy’   Mr streetz talks about ‘Hood Therapy’ The song is about a toxic couple going to couples therapy to try to save their relationship but the councilor determines they have no hope on saving their relationship.         Discover More About Mr Streetz Details Below   […]

The Fan Page For “Mouse zzZ”   Mouse zzZ Awesome New Single   Deeper Love Mou5ZyZZ⚡️”Mouse zzZ” Andrew Niman – Producer/DJ, Drummer, Guitar player, Dancer, Surfer, Singer and Writer, born February 8th 1984. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (505). Born in Los Angeles, California. A musician since childhood, Andrew always felt a passionate Love for all […]

  The Followers page of Still.Teddy Hailing from the war-torn nation of Liberia, a modern Renaissance-level polymath, Still.Teddy is going full mad scientist on a vast array of killer beats and melodic treats. Multi-instrumentalist, producer, entrepreneur, and family man Still.Teddy has brought his golden touch to national acts such as Foxy Shazam, NUEX, and Automagik. […]

Ostarè “God Loves A Woman”     Ostarè “God Loves A Woman” Inspirational new single, Celebrates inner child healing and self-empowerment  “No one can tell you who you are, there is only one authentic version of you” says Ostarè. “You know and you have a mission – don’t get discouraged. There is a light at the end of the […]

The album integrity from Barbara Craig   Click Here To Discover Integrity With Barbara Craig   Geoff Carter the UK Talk Radio CEO and breakfast show presenter says “At UK Talk Radio we’re proud to play music by Barbara Craig who offers such diversity in her music.  From ‘Air that we breathe’ a poignant song […]

The Fan page for BiPolaRex     Click Here For Spotify Link Click Here For Apple Link Click Here For More   Click below to vote for musician bipolarex in the charts   Click Here to Vote in the charts

The Fan Page For M-Ritz Click Here For Spotify Link   A native of historically grunge-infused Seattle, M-Ritz is an emerging Pop Singer & Songwriter flavored with East-Coast swagger from her recent years in New York. Vocally trained in Classical and Jazz, and imbued with a wide range of musical genre influences such as Opera, Rock, […]

Ynh poppa ft Omar With Catch A Vibe     Click Here For Apple Link   Click Here For Spotify Link Click Here For Apple Link  

  The duo of Doppe & Kokke . The Fan Page For Doppe & Kokke   Click Here For Spotify Link Originally born in Stockholm, Sweden, the duo of Doppe & Kokke discovered an unbreakable connection to music and a bond shared between them that instantly brought out the best of each other’s creativity. As […]

Patric Scott With Hurricane    The Artist: Patric Scott The Song: “Hurricance” feat. Skulduggz (UK Rapper) The Album: Back in the day     Click Here For Facebook Link Click Here For Twitter Link     Vote for Patric In The Charts Here

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