Month: February 2023

ARMORED DAWN       ARMORED DAWN releases a version of Johnny Cash’s “Wayfaring Stranger” Check Out the Single & Music Video for “Wayfaring Stranger”     After a successful comeback with the official music video for “S.O.S.”, and the brutal single “Tides”, Brazil based, Metal band ARMORED DAWN has released their newest single “Wayfaring Stranger”, a heavy […]

Music From Alex Woburn     So I wrote ‘Magic Is This’ about a bloke I was seeing… it was all very rom-com-movie-cloud-9-vibes! You know when you like someone soooooo much; they text and you jump for your phone, they pull up outside and you run to the door!! It was that kind of situation […]

Upcoming artist Mia Noni I’m an upcoming artist from The Bahamas. I like making music that’s futuristic, melodic, and experimental. This song “Inside Your Mind” is about being attracted to someone for their intellect, for who they are on the inside and not on the outside. Inside Your Mind     Links Click Here For […]

  James Flamez Elisia     so I’m a 26 year old artist from Switzerland, been writing and making music for 3 years now and my genre is mostly rap/trap/hiphop but this one in particular is a radio friendly track I wrote and recorded for my ex girlfriend that meant a lot to me and […]

New From First Born – Rastaman First Born are reggae ambassadors from Guyana . Troy Azore is the lead vocalist for this song entitled Rastaman and original creation of Esmond Syfox, Don Chandler and First Born. This production will be released on all digital download platforms 26/01/24. Pre release copies available from 05/01/2024. Smart link: […]

 Jamie Backlight   Jamie Backlight says, I wanna share with you my favourite song : The worst guy to love. Living in a relationship as painful as it is passionate Feel like you are suffocating ! Do you feel like living in the shadow ? For you who are looking to shine, I wrote this […]

Gospel Rapper H-I-P H-I-P is an American Gospel Rapper with Hits that are family and/or radio friendly, and has a Gospel Rap Album “GLORY” coming soon to all digital platforms. Fellow H-I-P on all digital platforms for more jams from the perfected MC. Heavenz Party       Click Here For Apple Link     […]

NELLY TGM NELLY TGM is a singer and songwriter from Iran. Her first bold appearance was on 2017 with the song „Fever” (As a member of The Great Mood band). Beside her Pop career, she’s so interested in EDM and Trance that led her to do collaborations with several artists, like DJ FEEL, HYPERSIA or […]

Somimey Somimey is a singer-songwriter of Nigerian descent born and raised in London, England. Her first debut single titled ‘Room Alone’ and its visualiser was officially released earlier this year, in January. Written during a period of personal struggle, she displays an uninhibited presentation of the realities and vulnerabilities encircling mental health. There is an […]

Survivors of Rock In today’s world of electronic music, samples, autotune, rap, backing tracks, etc., music has become a method, a lost art. But there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel… With some of the musicians that packed stadiums and arenas in the 60’s and 70’s. Welcome to Survivor’s of Rock. […]

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