Month: September 2023

Music From WΞLTSCHMΞRZ At Uk Talk Radio we focus on new music. We bring to your attention WΞLTSCHMΞRZ who unveils “Kanashimi”, immersing you in a musical venture that captures the tranquil essence within bustling urban scenery. The track features a blend of rough breaks, organic bass, haunting piano chords, and captivating lines that resonate with […]

Tokyo Treasures: Your Ultimate Guide In his latest book, “Tokyo Treasures: Your Ultimate Guide to 200+ Captivating Tokyo Attractions,” renowned author Zack Eldredge helpfully provides an extensive overview of over 200 captivating and exciting things to do in Tokyo. Zack, an experienced traveler and the author of two other best sellers, “Touring Tokyo,” and “A […]

Earl Winston & the Funky Big Band Earl Winston & the Funky Big Band are ready to set the groove ablaze with their latest single release “HER”. This jazzy, funky groove tune is a testament to the band’s unparalleled musicality and infectious energy that has captivated audiences worldwide. “HER” opens with Earl Winston delivering the […]

My Sojourn in Paradise A Memoir is Patsy Thompson’s   Purchase My Sojourn in Paradise On Amazon “My Sojourn in Paradise: A Memoir is Patsy Thompson’s story of growing up on the island of Jamaica, and being guided by a power greater than herself. Painting evocative pictures of the island with her words, Thompson draws […]

  At Uk Talk Radio we always bring you the best in Children’s Book. Today we turn the spotlight on Sammy’s Grand Slam Journey.   Sammy’s Grand Slam Journey By Jody L Slay   Purchase Sammy’s Grand Slam Journey On Amazon Sammys Grand Slam adventure is a heroic story of a child amputee that discovers friendship, […]

The Psychology of Money: Understanding the Emotions Behind Our Financial Decisions  By Andreas Svoboda Ever find yourself wondering why you make the choices you do with your hard-earned cash? Let’s be real, money isn’t just about numbers—it’s tangled up with all sorts of feelings. From the joy of that first paycheck to the stress of […]

Newton Gritters 1: The Foundation By Eddie Beasley Jr.     Purchase Newton Gritters 1: The Foundation on Amazon   A man named 3 is destined to prevail over the trials and tribulations of Baltimore so he resides in Canton, Ohio, with his sister, starting his journey off with a bag of prison clothes to […]

The Music of Pagan Lust The music of Pagan Lust is a call to return to that which is most primal within us…to delve into the darkness and extract our deepest longings. Blending genres of rock, metal, blues, punk, and funk… Pagan Lust on YouTube From tracks like Mine which point a finger to our […]

Understanding autism with Rupert the Snail: Unique Creatures by Willow Foster-Thorpe Come along on an exciting adventure with Rupert the Snail, who has autism, see him take a thrilling train ride to visit his cousins.Together with his cousins Betty and Stanley they enjoy spending time at the park, but not everyone understands autism and some […]

 Industry Veteran and Legend – Aria Industry Veteran and Legend – Aria – Teams Up With Renowned World Artists For Rhythmic Single Smile Assieme Edizioni is proud to announce the release of Aria’s new single, “Smile”. Mariano Schiavolini, aka “Aria”, is a leading representative of international world music, and collaborates with other major artists in […]

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