Playing new music on UK Talk Radio

🎙️🌟 Exciting News! At UK Talk Radio, we’ve recently undergone a transformation from our talk format to a dynamic radio station that celebrates and supports independent artists! 🎶🌈 While our website has been a haven for showcasing new music for some time now, we want to assure you that we haven’t forgotten our beloved talk shows, which still hold a special place in our hearts.

To all you talented new artists out there, we’re here to offer our unwavering support! Here are our terms and conditions for getting your music played on UK Talk Radio:

1️⃣  You must have written the song.

2️⃣ No cover versions.

3️⃣ In exchange for playing your phenomenal music, we don’t provide royalty payments to artists or bands. This allows us to continue running our website and supporting aspiring musicians like you.We do not provide royalty payments to any play of you music. You will be asked to agree to this before your music is played

4️⃣ We’re on a mission to champion unsigned artists, so you must not be signed to a record label. Our goal is to provide a platform for emerging talents and give you the recognition you deserve.

Maintaining our website comes with its fair share of expenses, which is why we have these terms and conditions in place. We hope you understand and appreciate the effort it takes to keep the music flowing and the opportunities growing.

For the full list of terms and conditions, please reach out to us and send your music for our team to listen to at We can’t wait to hear your sensational music and share it with our dedicated listeners!

Together, let’s create a vibrant community of talented artists, uplifting conversations, and unforgettable music experiences. Get ready to make waves at UK Talk Radio, where your talent shines bright! 🎙️🌟  #SupportingArtists #UnleashYourCreativity #MusicWithAPurpose

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