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Product Spotlight: Soccer Themed Birthday Cards for Children

Being a former soccer player for most of my childhood, it was a real kick making these cards. As a child I loved getting soccer gifts, be it a new ball, a jersey, or stickers, they all made me happy. I don’t ever recall getting a birthday card with a soccer theme though. So I set out to create some really fun birthday cards for children that play soccer.

I set a few goals, pun intended, for myself when designing these cards. First, every fold of the card needs to be fully designed. Second, the cards need to be able to be personalized. For these cards I want the buyer to be able to add the birthday child’s name, age and uniform number to the card design. And I’d like them to be able to add a personal message if desired. Third, the cards need to have fun games or activities for the birthday child to do after opening gifts. I have created cards with a coloring page, a word search and a maze. The first card I created was Click Here For More

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