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Kayla Cunningham Author Of ‘Fated To Love You’   The official review from Geoff Carter CEO, Uk Talk Radio Unleash the Power of Destiny in ” Fate to love you” by Kayla Cunningham! Prepare to Be Captivated! đź’” Heartbreak, Rainforests, and an Unforeseen Love! Brace Yourself for “Fated To Love You” by Kayla Cunningham! In […]

Author Of The Month What is inclusive leadership? How can you take practical steps to pursue justice and equity in your practice and in organizations in which you have a leadership role? The Inclusive Leader provides a pathway for leaders to effect change through reflecting on and grappling with unconscious and implicit biases, encouraging honest discussions, […]

Anonymous17 is a teenage female from the Chicago area of USA Love Work, Dance on YouTube Vote For Anonymous 17 In The Charts     Anonymous17 is a teenage female from the Chicago area of USA. She started recording 3 years ago and has 27 songs completed. This is the first of 3 EP’s she […]

Love game (8 Bit) is the new single from the XDU   Love Game (8-bit) is a hyper-pop  (genre) song about love in a video game world.  The song is heavily influenced by an “8-Bit arcade game” theme. The song is cutesy themed and definitely out of the ordinary and new to XDU. – XDU […]

‘Fly Away’ by Rodney Standlee   Singer RODNEY STANDLEE talks about ‘fly Away’ I originally titled the song caterpillar as a kids song. I am changing the title to Fly Away since it may be a more appropriate title commercially. This may clear up any confusion concerning the streaming service title. I wrote this song […]

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  ‘All of my life’ – The Story Behind The Song with so many outside influences telling you how to talk, walk, and what you should wear, what you should not. how you should behave. what emotions you can show, what emotions you can’t show. what your voice should sound like if you were male […]

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God’s Gift By Freddie Floyd Jr   God has a plan for you. So does the devil. Learn to take back your power and follow God’s path. It’s no secret that being a teenager is tough. You may feel confused, unsure what good traits you should be adopting, or how to ensure you’re living God’s […]

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