Hunt for The Shepherd

Written by on January 26, 2024

Hunt for The Shepherd by Susan Bennett

Hunt for The Shepherd

Beside the unforgiving railway tracks, the discovery of a lifeless young girl shatters the tranquillity, propelling the unyielding Serious Crime Squad into action. Urgent briefings crackle with intensity, plans take shape, and leads are pursued in a race against time. As the body count rises, an enigmatic figure emerges – The Shepherd.

With time slipping away, the imperative to capture this relentless murderer intensifies. As the squad races against the clock, the stakes soar higher, and justice becomes a fragile thread, threatening to unravel. Gripping and intense, this tale ensures that every heartbeat counts in the pursuit of an adversary who thrives in the shadows.

Hunt for The Shepherd

This is no ordinary whodunit; it’s a modern-day thriller that grips the reader from the first page. The detectives navigate a roller-coaster of triumphs and setbacks, thrust into a sinister game orchestrated by a psychopathic mind.

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Hunt for The Shepherd

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