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Martian Economics: A Guide to Redesigning Monetary Theory on Earth

by Joseph Thomas Plummer

Attention, Earthlings!


Attention, Earthlings! Prepare to embark on a mind-bending journey through the cosmos of economics with “Martian Economics: A Guide to Redesigning Monetary Theory on Earth” by the brilliant Joseph Thomas Plummer.


Imagine a world where the very foundation of our economic understanding is redefined. Just as you might ponder the characteristics of a distant planet, Joe challenges us to reconsider the fundamental principles of monetary theory. In this compelling exploration, he takes us beyond the boundaries of Earth, presenting a fresh perspective that could revolutionize our economic landscape.


As you delve into this thought-provoking book, Joe guides you through a cosmic thought experiment, drawing parallels between the potential life on Mars and the intricate complexities of our earthly monetary system. How much money should exist on Earth? The answer lies in shedding preconceived notions and venturing into uncharted intellectual territory.

Join Joe on on this visionary quest



Join Joe on this visionary quest, where science, engineering, and economic theory converge. As we contemplate the dynamics of a colonized Mars, we unlock a framework for reimagining monetary systems, trade, conflict, and governance on our very own planet.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a revolution in economic thinking. “Martian Economics” has the power to reshape our future and enhance the quality of life for every Earth inhabitant.

Read it now and be a pioneer in the next frontier of economic understanding!

Our journey to a brighter economic future begins here.


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The Big Book Review From Geoff Carter the host of the flagship breakfast show at UK Talk Radio


“Martian Economics: A Guide to Redesigning Monetary Theory on Earth” by Joseph Thomas Plummer is an audacious and visionary work that propels the reader into a new dimension of economic thought. In this groundbreaking book, Joseph embarks on a cosmic journey, inviting us to explore the possibilities of a Martian economy as a metaphor for rethinking monetary theory on Earth.

Joseph Plummer’s approach is both imaginative and rigorous. He cleverly uses the concept of colonizing Mars as a canvas to paint a picture of an economic system free from Earth’s historical and institutional constraints. This thought experiment is not just about the red planet; it’s a clever device to challenge our terrestrial economic norms and provoke deep thinking about how money works and could work.

One of the book’s strengths is its ability to blend complex economic theories with accessible and engaging narratives. Plummer doesn’t just dwell in the realm of abstraction; he provides concrete scenarios and examples, making the book a compelling read for economists and laypeople alike. The author’s expertise in monetary theory shines through, offering insightful critiques of current economic systems and bold proposals for their transformation.

A Key Theme Of The Book

A key theme of the book is the questioning of fundamental economic principles. Plummer asks readers to consider what a monetary system looks like when starting from scratch, on a new planet. This perspective allows for a radical rethinking of concepts like currency, value, trade, and governance. The Martian analogy is particularly effective in highlighting the arbitrary nature of some of our economic practices and encourages readers to think about alternatives.

What’s particularly intriguing about “Martian Economics” is its optimistic tone. Plummer is not just critiquing the current state of economic affairs; he is offering a hopeful vision for the future. This forward-thinking approach is refreshing and needed in a field often bogged down by pessimism and resistance to change.

In conclusion, “Martian Economics: A Guide to Redesigning Monetary Theory on Earth” is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of economics. Joseph Thomas Plummer takes us on a fascinating journey, challenging our preconceptions and inspiring us to think creatively about the future of our economic systems. This book is not just a theoretical exploration; it’s a call to action for innovative thinking in economic policy and practice.



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