Along Came a Lion by Paul Page

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Along Came a Lion by Paul Page

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Along Came a Lion. Book 1 of the Fallen Exodus series.

Journalist and author Lt. Col. Daniel Cheras (Retired) is investigating the mysterious billionaire genius Calvin Mayer, who has gained worldwide acclaim for his transformative innovations. Pursued relentlessly by the government, Mayer shrugs off persecutions and releases a radical cure for a terrible disease. Overnight, Mayer becomes a hero to millions, but his latest inventions raise troubling questions about the cost of progress.Along Came a Lion on

As Mayer’s technologies gain acclaim and change the course of history, Cheras finds himself in a race against time to uncover the truth behind the man and his staggering charisma that even grips Cheras’ son in cultish devotion. But as the stakes grow higher and the consequences of Mayer’s actions become more extreme, Cheras is forced to confront the possibility that Mayer may be more dangerous than anyone realizes.

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A sinister Chinese infiltration seizes an opportunity to destabilize a nation gripped in tribalism and plunges the United States into a Race War that the government seems powerless to stop. For reasons of his own, Mayer intervenes. Unleashing a virus that can determine a person’s worthiness and a WMD that no one knows how to stop, Mayer’s power threatens to change the world in ways no one can predict. Will Cheras be able to uncover the truth before it’s too late, or will Mayer’s transformative innovations lead to the downfall of civilization as we know it?Along Came a Lion on

Paul says

I like to write “real characters” who are just people with challenges and flaws such as we all face.

In law enforcement, one is often compelled to attempt perfect decisions based on imperfect information. There is no clearinghouse of data with all of the answers. Good investigative work is knowing how to recognize clues, use sources and resources to follow up on them or to amass more, and in the end paint a picture of what appears to have happened/is happening. It’s rarely quick, there are normally still threads unsewn at the conclusion of a case, and that’s just investigative work. Then a lawyer tries to sell that painting to a jury.

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Geoff Carter the host of the Flagship UK Talk Radio Breakfast show reviews “Along Came a Lion” by Paul Page


Along Came a Lion on

 A Gripping Thriller Unveiled:

Unravelling the Enigma: Lt. Col. Daniel Cheras’ Investigative Journey

Embark on a captivating debut into the Fallen Exodus series with “Along Came a Lion.” Lt. Col. Daniel Cheras (Retired), a journalist and author, guides us through a gripping thriller, unravelling the enigma surrounding the billionaire genius Calvin Mayer.

Mayer’s Transformative Innovations: Heroic Feats or Imminent Threats?

In this gripping thriller, witness Mayer’s rise to worldwide acclaim for groundbreaking innovations and a radical cure. The narrative delves into the cost of progress, blurring the line between heroism and peril. Mayer’s charismatic allure, enthralling even Cheras’ son in cultish devotion, adds a psychological layer to the story.

As Cheras races against time in pursuit of truth, the narrative masterfully weaves suspense, keeping readers on the edge while navigating the labyrinth of Mayer’s actions.

Global Consequences: Mayer’s Power and the Race Against Destruction

“Along Came a Lion” takes an unexpected turn, evolving into a sinister tale of a Chinese infiltration plunging the United States into a Race War. Mayer intervenes with innovations of unknown motives, introducing a virus to determine worthiness and an unstoppable WMD, escalating tension and threatening global stability.

As Cheras grapples with unfolding chaos, the narrative poses a haunting question: Can he uncover the truth before Mayer’s transformative innovations lead to the downfall of civilization?

In conclusion, “Along Came a Lion” delivers a gripping thriller, exploring the impact of technological advancements on humanity’s fate. Paul Page masterfully blends mystery, psychological depth, and global intrigue, setting a high standard for the Fallen Exodus series. A rollercoaster journey awaits readers eager to explore the boundaries of progress, power, and the consequences of unfettered innovation.



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