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Written by on January 4, 2024

31 prayers for single parents

Churmell Mitchell is a dedicated advocate for families and individuals, leveraging over 15 years of professional experience to empower and uplift communities. His multifaceted background in working with diverse groups, including parents, single moms and dads, foster parents, nonprofits, churches, and corporate entities, has been instrumental in his mission to inspire hope and promote positive change.

Educated in Physical Activity and Health (Exercise Science) from Auburn University’s School of Kinesiology, Churmell’s expertise goes beyond the physical realm. His profound understanding of body movement and generational patterns intersects with spiritual insight, offering a unique approach to address past trauma and foster healthy habits.

Mission to empower people

Driven by a passion for empowering people to excel both personally and professionally, Churmell embodies the ethos of his brand, PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens). Drawing inspiration from athletic coaching principles, this philosophy champions perseverance and unwavering belief in possibilities.

Recognized for his compassionate nature, Churmell is known for creating a safe and supportive environment, where individuals feel valued, understood, and embraced. His dedication to single parents led to the creation of “31 Prayers for Single Parents,” offering invaluable support and guidance through life’s challenges.

Churnell’s Interests

Beyond his professional endeavors, Churmell finds joy in various interests, including music—both singing and playing instruments—sports, and indulging in Marvel series and action movies with his children. He enjoys video gaming, exploring culinary delights with his family, traveling, motivational speaking, and volunteering within the community. Additionally, he finds relaxation in activities like playing billiards, bowling, spades, and Chick-Fil A.

Churmell Mitchell’s forthcoming professional website, and, will serve as a hub for his insights, resources, and motivational content. Through his profound dedication, expertise, and genuine care, Churmell continues to make a meaningful impact, offering strength, perspective, and unwavering support to parents navigating the complexities of modern family life.


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