Fantasy Sci Fi R Rated Stories

Written by on February 24, 2024

LR-Productions: Anthology Series Book 1 Kindle Edition by Lester Williams Jr (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

fantasy sci fi r rated stories

LR-Productions: Anthology Series Book 1
By Lester Williams Jr (LR the Writer)
Hybrid Guidebook Included

Part 1: A Disclaimer From Your Mommy

Hello, my dolly, it’s your mommy, who is challenging you to read every story in this anthology series that is filled with all types of thrilling twists and turns, like fantasy, sci-fi, and r-rated stories. The book also contains poems, and songs, as well as the Hybrid-Multi Perspective Writing Guidebook and The Untold Story. Of course, the first story within this book features yours truly, from the series ‘The Dollhouse Factory Does Play Time Have to End?’ So my dolly will you run, or will you make your mommy proud and accept my challenge?

Hugs, kisses, and broken fingers
From your loving immortal mommy
Ms. Happy Innocent Lady

Part 2: Overview
Anthology Series Book 1 is LR-Productions most ambitious project yet (Published February 2024) that brings together multiple original works written by the brand’s founder Lester Williams Jr (LR The Writer). From parody, slice of life, sports, sci-fi, action, adventure, fantasy, psychological, heroes, post-apocalyptic, and black comedy the book provides various examples of LR’s stories as well as his original writing style known as Hybrid-Multi Perspective Writing Style (Hybrid Style).

Part 3: Bonus Content
The book also includes sample songs and poems written by LR the Writer, the Hybrid Guidebook which details all the rules of Hybrid Style, as well as Hybrid-Multi Perspective Writing: The Untold Story which tells the story behind Hybrid Style’s creation and provides details about Hybrid Styles creator LR the Writer.

Part 4: LR-Productions
A brand for literature works created by LR the Writer which consists mainly of a collection of novel series, poems, and songs (original and parody) written by LR the Writer.

Part 5: Author’s Link



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