All My Life

Written by on July 11, 2023


‘All of my life’ – The Story Behind The Song

with so many outside influences telling you how to talk, walk, and what you should wear, what you should not. how you should behave. what emotions you can show, what emotions you can’t show. what your voice should sound like if you were male or female.You should not have to change or be someone else and believe all the hype. You should be the real you and not have to pretend to be someone else order to be accepted.

With all the religion and state laws telling them who can love who and also telling you should not love; it becomes so hard to know what you should be in order to be accepted or fit in. As this part causes most of the pain and suffering so many people.

You should only be yourself as in order to be genuine and to be real also your soul wants you to be yourself. You cannot be someone else and this is a song about the struggle to be the real you.
this is about the journey that you have to go on in order to be totally free. to find the people who are like you who will accept you for who you are so that you can be in the space of love and acceptance.

This song was created with you in mind and to lift up your spirits and to celebrate who you are and know that you were born this way and you were never a mistake and the more you are yourself the more you will find your power and this is how this song makes me feel and I wanted to share it with you.


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