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Written by on April 21, 2023

Authors Of The Month Kelly Tabor & Richard Rossi


Lucy & the Lake Monster: Volume One

“Lucy Lago is a nine year-old orphan. She believes that Champ, the Lake Champlain Sea Serpent, lives and lurks in the lake by her cabin in Crown Point. She lives there with her grandpa, who she calls “Papa.”

Despite mockery and mercenary forces opposing them, Lucy and Papa determine to venture out on their rickety rowboat and bring awareness of America’s Loch Ness Monster to the world.



Co-written by Academy-Award-considered filmmaker Richard Rossi and retired school teacher Kelly Tabor, Lucy and the Lake Monster is a children’s series and soon-to-be feature film that masterfully illustrates how to overcome mental health challenges like worry, depression, and anxiety with childlike faith.

“For me, growing up in Crown Point was magical. Hearing stories of our legendary Champ, captivated my interest as I swam and explored the shorelines and waters of Lake Champlain. As a teacher, I later took those stories and experiences I had with me into the classroom and shared them with hundreds of students over the years, piquing their interest.” – Kelly Tabor, Co-Writer

“Champ, the sea serpent, is an allegory for God. The pure in heart, like Lucy, see Champ as good. Others teach Champ is a monster for mercenary purposes, the way manipulative ministers scare people today.”- Richard Rossi, Academy-Award Considered Filmmaker, and Co-Writer

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