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After reading publications by Max Burchett, I was surprised to find that he is a teenager. Then I’m
reminded that some of the greatest writers were already published at a young age; Robert Frost
was already appearing in a New York magazine at age 20 and Ernest Hemingway was already a
writer for a newspaper at age 17. The compelling style of Burchett’s writing beyond his age likely
reflects his recent years as a summer scholar at university. Time will tell whether Burchett will
reach such a rarefied league as Frost and Hemingway, but he appears to be off to a good start with
works like his short story “Covid Love” published this summer. I also found his story “Dog Days”
particularly entertaining and quite humorous as it’s told in the voice of a dog. Perhaps because I’m
in the radio and music business, the story that I was most taken by was “Showtime”. One doesn’t
have to be a musician to imagine the performance drama in this short story. It’s worth a read. I
think you’ll enjoy it.


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photo by Joanna D Ancon

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