Earl Winston & the Funky Big Band

Written by on October 9, 2023

Earl Winston & the Funky Big Band


Earl Winston & the Funky Big Band are ready to set the groove ablaze with their latest single release “HER”.


“Her” By Earl Winston & the Funky Big Band


This jazzy, funky groove tune is a testament to the band’s unparalleled musicality and

infectious energy that has captivated audiences worldwide.

“HER” opens with Earl Winston delivering the spoken word with his love and admiration for

a beautiful, voluptuous woman destined to be a part of his future. The track’s seamless

fusion of saxophones and brass, will hit you right where you live.

To carry the mood, watery keyboards dance with funky inflections from the guitar, creating

a sonic tapestry that transports listeners to an ethereal realm. As the rhythm intensifies,

the girls providing backup vocals delicately coo in the background, adding a soothing layer

to the musical arrangement and creating a heavenly sonic backdrop for Earl Winston to

enter in a call-and-response style of singing initiating a captivating conversation between

him and the background singers.

The overall rhythm of “HER” transends ordinary boundaries, taking listeners on an ethereal

journey that reaches far beyond.

The Music Earl Winston On Apple Music

If you liked their last Single: “FUNKY JAZZ BAND” then go and listen to this new Single:

“HER”. – and bask in an exquisite sound that is exclusively Earl Winston & the Funky Big


The Web Site For Earl Winston


The Music Of Earl Winston


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