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The Music of Didier Recloux

music by Didier Recloux on UK Talk Radio


Didier Recloux is a Belgium born composer based in London, he has written music for the groundbreaking TV series (BBC World) “The History of Africa with Zeinab Badawi” as well as the main theme for the “Take me to The Opera” series. His latest project is a “companion” soundtrack for a novel written by French author/film director Philippe Claudel (I’ve loved you so long). The story is about an old and frail man called Monsieur LInh, forced to leave his country because of war, the only things left in his life are a small suitcase and his baby grand daughter Sang Diu. They will arrive in a new country, a new city and face the struggle of being a foreigner in an unknown place, not being able to communicate. The track “First Walk” illustrate the first time Monsieur Linh take a walk through this new city, the noise, traffic and crowd makes him long for his village back home. The track is very filmic and has subtle influences of Jazz, progressive rock and pop/rock.

Recently “Music Review World” gave the album “Monsieur Linh and His Child” (Release on the 7th of March 2024) the rating “Outstanding”

The album “Monsieur Linh and his Child” embarks on an evocative journey, weaving the tale of Monsieur Linh and his enigmatic companion, whose identity teeters between being his child and grandchild. This narrative is shrouded in mystery, revealing itself through a tapestry of music that mirrors the nuanced storytelling style of the album’s creators. As the music unfolds, it invites listeners into the depths of the story, offering clues and insights into its complex themes.

In a world where stories remain silent without the whisper of inspiration, consider me that whisper, nudging the narrative into the open.

Discover the album at this link:

music by Didier Recloux on UK Talk Radio

Music On Uk Talk Radio

We are currently playing and have playlisted First Walk.

music by Didier Recloux on UK Talk Radio

Geoff Carter from the flagship breakfast show at UK Talk Radio Reviews this album, looking at the first three tracks ;

Leaving it all Behind/Mr. Linh/Sang Diû [Track 1]

The opening segment of this track is profound, marked by a somber yet intense beginning that transitions into a melancholic yet triumphant cascade of horns. These horns lay the emotional foundation, supported by potent drums and the nuanced timbre of a pellet-based xylophone, reflecting Mr. Linh’s heart-wrenching decision to leave his homeland. As a character fleeing the ravages of war with nothing but his suitcase and his feather-light granddaughter, the melodies craft a narrative as majestic and contemplative as the cinematic scores of epic historical dramas, embodying themes of noble conflict.

A reflective piano solo marks the midpoint, intertwined with pentatonic flutes that trace Mr. Linh’s cultural roots. This leads back to a victorious yet introspective forward momentum, enriched by a solitary yet hopeful strings arrangement, capturing the emotional intensity of solitude blended with the potential for new beginnings.

The track’s third section pays tender tribute to Sang Diû, characterized by the delicate plucking of strings and an aged, nostalgic ambiance. It weaves a tapestry of innocence and solace, emblematic of Mr. Linh’s relationship with the child, ending on a note of mystery and the vast, uncharted waters of Mr. Linh’s journey.

A New Town [Track 2]

Upon Mr. Linh’s arrival in an alien land, the music introduces a sparkling melody, underpinned by solemn strings that embody a clash of longing and unfamiliarity. A dialogue of flute, violin, and ethereal choral voices unfolds, punctuated by the oboe’s expression of disorientation, subtly laced with pentatonic accents reflecting Mr. Linh’s inner turmoil and memories in this new world. The track portrays vulnerability and richness, mirroring his emotional state.

The Loss of a Family [Track 3]

This track confronts the ultimate desolation—Monsieur Linh’s loss of his family to war, encapsulating the all-encompassing sorrow of losing everything dear. Beginning with an ambient sorrow that segues into a melody steeped in pentatonic scales, it evokes a profound sense of despair. The guzheng-like bass and ethereal soundscapes express distant grief, while the piano delves into the chaos and terror of loss. Resembling war documentary scores, the composition’s crescendo and its reflective descent explore the complex emotions of grief and survival.

This album, “Monsieur Linh and his Child,” presents a profound emotional journey, artfully blending music with narrative to explore themes of loss, identity, and resilience against the backdrop of war’s devastation.

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