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Peter’s historical, action/romance novel Lucky Lancaster is published by Pegásus

Adult Fiction

Lucky Lancaster

Peter Beale



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Lucky Lancaster charts the nail-biting seafaring adventures of James “Lucky” Lancaster as he grows from a stumbling midshipman into a battle scarred naval hero. Temporary peace with Napoleon suspends James’ naval career. He returns to the family estate, discovering that his father, Lord Lancaster has died, and his half-brother has stolen his inheritance.

Now penniless, he is blocked from seeing his sweetheart, the dynamic Lady Edith, by her over-protective parents.

James endeavours to escape the poor house by starting a risky smuggling venture. Can he escape the Excise men, retrieve his inheritance, and avoid the legal traps set by his half-brother to dishonour him. Will the unconventional Edith delay her arranged marriage? Has James’ luck finally run out?

Anastasia Mann

Pamela Godfrey

Peter Beale’s cinematically charged, first novel, is surely influenced by his illustrious film career – working on the likes of Dr Zhivago and Star Wars. Consequently, Lucky Lancaster is an action-packed historical epic, mixing espionage, romance, and social intrigue.

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Adult Fiction


Adult Fiction

Born in the UK, Peter Beale began his career in the British film industry as a 3rd assistant director, working on many of the iconic films of the 60s and 70s, eventually becoming a producer.

While Managing 20th Century Fox Productions in London, during a period of deep economic depression and high unemployment, he was credited with revitalizing the British film industry – being instrumental in getting films such as Omen, Star Wars and Alien made in the UK and modernizing the trade union rules for film making. Later, he became the Managing Director of EMI, where he oversaw the production of films such as the Elephant Man and the Jazz Singer.

After moving to California in 1982, Peter Beale became President of Showscan, a revolutionary high-speed film process, first used in World Fairs and theme park ride simulators. He then became the President of Illusion Inc. where he managed a team of engineers who were pioneering early virtual reality experiences for general audiences and military applications.

In the mid-eighties, he co-founded and financed BAFTA/LA and was the original Chairperson, extending the international reach and influence of British film-making excellence. The UK government declared it the most important British cultural institution outside of the UK.

Recently, Peter Beale has lead international green initiatives for the environment, air quality, energy saving and water conservation. In 2018 he moved to Southern Spain and is now focusing on environment projects, lectures and fiction writing.

As a creator, he has published short stories and magazine articles; written and produced documentaries; directed 2nd film units, industrial films and completed three novels.

Public Speaker

Peter is a public speaker on diverse subjects as film-making (including Star Wars) marketing, trans-personal psychology, transcendental healing and sailing.

Peter has been married to Francesca for over fifty years – they met while working on a film in Rome – they have two children and two grand children.





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