Phantom Train to Nowhere!

Written by on June 15, 2023

The Northerner

The Awesome New Single ‘Phantom Train to Nowhere’


Phantom Train to Nowhere Explained

Phantom Train to Nowhere is a song about grief, moving forward, and accepting what needs to be done to get back up on and saddle up again. “Some wounds never heal but remind us that we survived” in the 2nd verse hits home for me personally, and I think a lot of us in general. Scars, whether they be physical or emotional, are there not to remind us of the pain, rather remind us we survived the pain which caused them. Once we accept it happened and we survived, we can move forward and find your purpose. I think everyone has their own “meaning of life” in someway, and my meaning of life is to love something worth dying for – I hope other people can relate to that. I also think until you find your meaning or purpose, we’re all on a phantom train to nowhere.



Back when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area I was waiting to board BART (the local subway system) and the sign illuminated saying “now boarding” and there was no train in sight. BART generally sucks, so it wasn’t a surprise that the system was malfunctioning, but my friend who I was waiting with said “classic BART and their phantom trains”. We both laughed about it, but it stuck in the back of my head somewhere. During the pandemic when we were all working remotely doing 16 hour days and not taking breaks, I really started feeling like I was on a phantom train to nowhere. A lot of us feel that way who are just trying to get by. I think the only way to escape that is to find your own meaning of life.

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