Secrets of Silver & Steam

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Secrets of Silver & Steam – Volume 1: The New Awakening 

By Rick Hayes


Secrets of Silver & Steam – The New Awakening is the first volume of the steampunk science fiction and epic fantasy series intertwining mythical creatures, thrilling world exploration, dark secrets, and the hidden world of Master Keepers (MKRs), which has remained shrouded in the annals of time. Little was known of them, but then one, Elior Lystander, emerged from behind the curtain of their existence as survivors began to rebuild following a world cataclysmic event known as The Great Collide. Such a phenomenon reunited the landmasses of the world and reset the motion of every civilization. War inevitability ensued as the race to establish dominance comes so naturally to humans.

During the war, Elior lent his knowledge to the development of technologies known as Steam Tech, which now incorporates a rare metal, Mystic Silver, that holds immense potential to fuel machines. Where once steam power was employed in the pursuit of machine engineering, the magic metal has become one of the largest sought and valuable commodities. And now, the dust has settled on the three remaining kingdoms in what many refer to as The Last Age.

By happenstance or destiny, Aagneya Nym, a recent graduate student, and new explorer, finds herself upon an expedition with none other than the famous MKR into the most dangerous place known to civilized folk, the Unlight. It is here Aagneya witnesses the power of Elior firsthand and is soon chosen to join him behind the curtain. How does one refuse the opportunity to become such a marvel?

Aagneya finds herself awakened. As her power grows, so does her boldness in learning all she can about the magic she possesses and the secrets of Elior to better understand what he has kept at bay for so long. For many things in the dark can terrify even the most powerful of MKRs, but more so is the greatest of evils, seeking to emerge and devour all in its wake. It would seem for Aagneya, the world is about to come to ruin once more if she cannot ignite a fire in the darkness.

If you are a fan of science fiction/fantasy books, then delve into the first book of Secrets of Silver and Steam, a series of fantasy adventure for adult and young adult alike, exploring an epic fantasy world of steampunk and magic. One recommendation, do not skip the intro.


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Unveiling the Mysteries: A Review of “Secrets of Silver & Steam – Volume 1: The New Awakening”


A Fusion of Steam Tech and Mystic Silver in a Captivating World

Ricky Hayes introduces readers to an immersive steampunk science fiction and fantasy realm in “Secrets of Silver & Steam – Volume 1: The New Awakening.” This compelling narrative unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world shaped by The Great Collide, revealing a rich tapestry of mythical creatures, dark secrets, and the enigmatic Master Keepers (MKRs).


A Saga Set in The Last Age

Hayes weaves a tale of war, survival, and dominance as the three remaining kingdoms grapple for power in The Last Age. The emergence of Elior Lystander, a Master Keeper, introduces the revolutionary Steam Tech powered by the rare Mystic Silver. The author skillfully integrates steam power and magic into a sought-after commodity, creating a unique and intriguing backdrop.


Aagneya Nym’s Journey into the Unlight

The narrative takes an exciting turn when Aagneya Nym, a recent graduate and aspiring explorer, joins forces with Elior on an expedition into the perilous Unlight. Aagneya’s newfound abilities and her quest for knowledge propel her into a world of mysteries and ancient evils. As the story unfolds, readers witness a blend of bold exploration, magical revelations, and the impending threat that could plunge the world into chaos.

“Secrets of Silver & Steam” offers a captivating fusion of science fiction and fantasy elements, making it a must-read for enthusiasts of both genres. Ricky Hayes’ meticulous world-building, coupled with dynamic characters and a riveting plot, promises an enthralling adventure for readers of all ages. Dive into this epic fantasy series and unlock the secrets that lie within the captivating steampunk world.


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