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By Kiontai Lawson

In a small, tight-knit town where family legacies are revered, David finds himself torn between societal expectations and his own desires. Trapped in a house he never wanted, he becomes an unwilling participant in his family’s oppressive tradition – a sinister and mysterious custom that demands unwavering obedience. As he delves deeper into this dark inheritance, David’s unhinged aunt becomes both a catalyst and an obstacle, propelling him on a journey to uncover the truth behind their twisted legacy.

Amidst the chaos, he grapples with the blurred boundaries between right and wrong, seeking to unravel the true nature of good and evil. In this gripping tale of self-discovery and defiance, David must muster the strength to forge his own path, even as his hesitant brother, Mark, lacks the courage to defy convention. With the love of his life, Zari, hanging in the balance, he faces an impossible choice: should he succumb to the path dictated by his aunt and brother, or will he find the courage to break free from their dark influence?

As the stakes intensify, David’s internal struggle mirrors the larger conflict within the town, unveiling hidden secrets and buried truths. The boundaries between reality and superstition blur, and he must navigate a treacherous game of power and manipulation to protect what he holds dear. In this riveting thriller novel, the battle for his identity becomes entwined with the fate of his beloved, as they both become pawns in a dangerous web of family secrets and deception.

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