‘Society is Rapidly Changing!’

Written by on February 8, 2023

‘Society is Rapidly Changing’


By Real Fake Diamonds

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The Background

 One day somewhere on the edge of time, and possibly at the end of the world as we know it, singer and writer, Harold Arthur Steel of Real Fake Diamonds, looked up at what was once his old school. It’s not a school now though. These days it’s a supermarket specialising in the selling of low priced budget alcohol and cigarettes along with cheap body building weight gain supplements. Later that same day whilst walking through town he came to what was once the public library. It’s not a library now though. Now its a vape shop which also sells computer games and again….cheap body building weight gain supplements.

Meanwhile an adult man of about 40 years old screamed obscenity and malice at Harold Arthur Steel to get out the fxxxng way, as the 40 year rode at speed at Harold whilst he was riding on an E Scooter – and on the pavement. Society Is Rapidly Changing ? Everyone of us now, no matter what our cultural background, age or ethnic origin must surely agree that something needs to be done and done NOW ! SOCIETY ‘IS’ RAPIDLY CHANGING ! But do we really care ? Or is it that we think we cant do anything about how things are? Well…. Real Fake Diamonds do care ! and Real Fake Diamonds also think that, collectively as a species, we can all do something about how we live.

‘Society Is Rapidly Changing’ is an attempt therefore to bring to our attention that perhaps, we are all responsible for how things are going right now. Society Is Rapidly Changing – is a wake up call. So the message is, if we do care about how we live, then also we can do something about it. Jah Wobble is the special guest bass player on Society Is Rapidly Changing and his well known signature deep tone style helps Society Is Rapidly Changing resonate in the centre of our guts right down to the toes in our boots. Paul Newman was on the mixing desk at The Ant Farm Studios, bringing his sense of changing time and space to the production.

Mal Robinson did the video and again this brought a sense of awareness to the dilema of where we are all at right now. As Harold Arthur Steel , the singer and writer of Real Fake Diamonds has often said, change can be good BUT it’s up to us all to help regulate those changes. It’s up to us all !

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