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Written by on July 1, 2024

Always Running Back to You

Veronica Largiu says;




My latest single ‘Always Running Back to You’ came out on May 10th.
It’s a great dance pop anthem, very catchy and perfect to get you into the summer / holiday’s vibe.

It was written & produced by Gary Louca and Bradon Grobler and it’s definitely one of my favourite songs of my upcoming album.

As soon as I recorded the song, I felt it was a hit and I’ve seen lots of potential in it. The melody is catchy and the repetition of the chorus makes it easy to remember and sing along.

The song is about having that special person that you’re attached to, that no matter what happens, you’ll always end up running back to.
I’m sure we all have or had somebody like that in our lives and that makes the song even more relatable to everyone.



Once the song was ready for release, it was time to brainstorm the concept for the video. I had many ideas for it but none of them seemed truly convincing to me or doable with the resources I had. One day looking for inspiration on social media I found this post where they covered this girl on blue glitter and I thought that looked fantastic, so I pictured straight away something similar for my video but in purple/pink!

For some reason I have this thing of associating things, songs, situations, books to colours and Always Running Back to You for me equals pink or similar colours.

So, I first got a LED light as I thought about making a simple video but with a nice light and great make up look. Once I had the lights working, I thought about my look and I decided to go for a wet/glitter look all over my upper body/face and hair. The result was just like I wanted it and I’m very proud of it.

It was challenging to do because I didn’t know if I could actually do what I had in mind but it turned out great!

On May 17th we also released the Deltiimo Big Room House Remix of the song, which is perfect for clubs and the DJ circuit. I have to say many people actually love the remix as well as it just so powerful! There will also be several more Club Remixes released as well.

The response to the song and video has been absolutely fantastic and I’m looking forward to performing this song and many more live. At the moment besides focusing on promotion and the rest of the album, we’re also planning live shows later on in 2024, which is very exciting to me as I can’t wait to sing these songs live and perform them for all my fans around the world!



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