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 Anonymous 17


I have been singing since I can remember and as a child would entertain anyone who would listen. I started messing around with recording in my teens and then decided to focus on writing songs with my Producer and co-writer. Its been a blast.


I like to search for harmonies in my vocals and you will find that the songs are often layered with many harmonies. They just come to me and  I feel they make the songs more full and colorful.


I love the outdoors and grew up climbing trees and spending as much time connecting with nature as possible.


Feel The Power & More!

Static Dive Says

Anonymous17 is an emerging independent recording artist making her solo professional recording debut in 2023. A singer since childhood, she first started recording about three years ago. Encouraged by her musician and producer friend Chip, the young artist was soon writing original material.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Anonymous17 has an unorthodox approach to recording. She sings barefoot, and with a handheld microphone instead of a traditional boom mic. Working with Chip and co-producer Nik Bak, the singer recently dropped her debut release.

Hand Held With Rough Edges is the brand new EP from Anonymous17, released worldwide via all major streaming services on April 28, 2023. The six-song collection is a fun and funky genre-bending mix of pop, r&b, and EDM vibes. It is also an excellent showcase for the talented newcomer’s vocal skills.

“It was all done in my basement with a hand held mic and a pro tools laptop. There is no studio and I usually sing barefoot sitting in my chair.”


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Anonymous 17


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