The Music of Pagan Lust

Written by on September 22, 2023

The Music of Pagan Lust

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The music of Pagan Lust is a call to return to that which is most primal within us…to delve into the darkness and extract our deepest longings. Blending genres of rock, metal, blues, punk, and funk…

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From tracks like Mine which point a finger to our own greed, to Woke which attacks the self-righteous keyboard-warrior culture, each track provides a scathing view of our own humanity. Also featured on this album is the single entitled Yellow Serpents. Yellow Serpents is a reference to the two yellow lines that lead us down the road and is not only an anthem to bikers everywhere but also a tribute to those we have lost along the way.

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Pagan Lust Big Radio Interview

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The music of Pagan Lust on www.uktalkradio.orgAlso Read: Understanding autism with Rupert the Snail: Unique Creatures by Willow Foster-Thorpe


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