The Psychology of Money

Written by on September 26, 2023

The Psychology of Money: Understanding the Emotions Behind Our Financial Decisions 

By Andreas Svoboda

Ever find yourself wondering why you make the choices you do with your hard-earned cash? Let’s be real, money isn’t just about numbers—it’s tangled up with all sorts of feelings. From the joy of that first paycheck to the stress of an empty bank account, “The Psychology of Money” is your go-to guide for understanding the emotional rollercoaster that is personal finance.
Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • Get Inside Your Ancestor’s Wallet: Discover how your great-great-grandparents’ attitudes toward sharing and survival could be influencing your financial decisions today.
  • Money’s Secret Identities: It’s not just paper and coins. Money is your backstage pass to success, your security blanket, and sometimes, your worst critic.
  • Don’t Let Fear Own You: Anxiety about money, like fearing bankruptcy or being dependent, can mess up your financial game. Learn how to kick those fears out of your headspace.
  • Why Greed Isn’t Good: The hunger for “more” can sometimes make you do silly things. Uncover the roots of greed and how it can lead you down a slippery slope.
  • Dodge the Loss Trap: We all hate losing. But did you know that fear of loss can make you skip great opportunities? Find out how to get over it.
  • You’re Not Your Bank Balance: Being rich doesn’t mean you’re a better person. Learn why your self-worth shouldn’t be measured by dollar signs.
  • Stop Comparing, Start Living: Envy and social media stalking can really throw off your money game. Get tips on how to break free from the comparison cycle.
  • Money Can’t Buy Love… Or Can It?: What’s the deal with money and happiness? Is there a magic number that makes life better?

Why You Need This Book:

  1. Feelings, Meet Finance: This isn’t another dry financial guide. It’s a deep dive into the feels and vibes that drive your money moves.
  2. Be Your Own Money Guru: From investing wisely to breaking free from societal pressures, this book’s got your back.
  3. Plan Like a Pro: Use psychological smarts to build a budget, save like a boss, and make investment choices that actually make sense.

So, get ready to explore the twists and turns of your money mindset. “The Psychology of Money” will help you decode your financial behaviors, while giving you the toolkit to improve your financial well-being for real.


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