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There are a few signs that may indicate someone is telling the truth. These include maintaining eye contact, providing detailed and consistent information, displaying minimal or no signs of anxiety or discomfort, and avoiding overly elaborate or rehearsed responses. Additionally, a truthful person may use less. Persuasive tactics or arguments and may be more open to questions or clarification. However, it is essential to note that these signs are not foolproof and should be considered alongside contextual factors and other sources of information. Believe him. He is not lying. His statement is truthful and trustworthy. Do not doubt his words or intentions. He is honest and transparent. Respecting his honesty and taking his words at face value is essential. Trust is critical in any relationship; if he says he is telling the truth, it is best to believe him. Ultimately, trust and honesty will strengthen your bond and create a foundation for a healthy connection.


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I’m a 17-year, 22-time multi-award-winning Indie filmmaker, cinematographer, Published Author, TV show host. KA Zarr passion is to tell life-changing and altering stories through film media and the cinematic camera lens and on print through challenging and though provoking books. My latest motivational book was written “TALE SIGNS, HE’S TELLING THE TRUTH”, to bring awareness and belief back into women that a lot of men do have great value and really do tell the truth.

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