Month: May 2023

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 The New single By J.Á.H Is  ‘More Than Lust’   J.A.H chats to Uk Talk Radio’s Geoff Carter about his new single ‘More Than Lust’ and more about the super awesome new music he creates.   Download The J.A.H Interview   J.Á.H new single: More Than Lust J.Á.H.’s third single – More Than Lust, is […]

The Silent Killer Lurking in Your Heart! “The Silent Killer Lurking in Your Heart: Learn How to Fight Back with ‘THE SILENT DEATH’ Book!” Geoff Carter From Uk Talk Radio’s Breakfast Show says; “The Silent Death” by Moise Maah is an eye-opening book that sheds light on the silent killer of heart disease, which is […]

THE ART OF BEING MORE LIKEABLE’ Transform Your Life with This Groundbreaking Book from Switzerland’s #1 Sales & Leadership Expert!”   Geoff Carter From the flagship Uk Talk Radio Breakfast show says; Are you tired of feeling undervalued and unappreciated in both your personal and professional life? Do you want to achieve true happiness and […]

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