Heartwarming Tale of a Lost Boy That’s Winning Over Readers Everywhere

Written by on May 21, 2024

Discover the Heartwarming Tale of a Lost Boy That’s Winning Over Readers Everywhere!

Heartwarming Tale of a Lost Boy That’s Winning Over Readers Everywhere

Albert told UK Talk Radio, “The world seems darker these days, or maybe it’s just because I’m getting older. I wanted to share something that, from my perspective, would remind people about what is truly important in life. I believe it’s the connections we make with those around us.

My story is about a lost boy struggling with his identity, finding family in the strangers he meets, and discovering love. It’s set in a fantasy world, which I hope makes it more interesting.

I’m a complete unknown, and I started this journey later in life. But I’ve wanted to share my stories since I was young and in school. So far, I’ve had 300 books ordered in the UK alone in the five months since its release. I think that’s a pretty decent start for someone from the States in my position.”


Searching For Zen: A Tale Of Divine Destiny Kindle Edition

Frank and lauren

by Albert T. Franklin (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

In a world where Earth intertwines with realms of fantasy and science fiction, a humble boy is bestowed with a divine destiny, thrusting him into a journey of self-discovery and perilous adventure.

Our story begins on Earth, but an Earth with a past steeped in fantasy, myths, and legends. From humble beginnings, a boy is given a divine destiny, a chance to make his mark on human civilization, but he must embark upon a life-changing journey. Our hero struggles to understand what he has been given and what to do with it, losing himself in doubt and loneliness as he confronts the dark side of humanity.

Coming of age, Zen finds strength in himself, builds a family from a motley collection of strangers, and discovers love. His newfound friends help him open up, learn to trust others, and eventually understand his reason for fighting. The trials he faces throughout his quest amplify as his power increases, and he even sparks the ire of those in the spirit realm, who doubt any human can wield such power successfully.

As Zen grapples with the weight of his purpose and the sacrifices it demands, he learns that the true power lies not in his abilities alone, but in the bonds of love, friendship, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Book Trib Review
In Searching for Zen, author Albert T. Franklin weaves an exhilarating tale that seamlessly melds elements of fantasy and science fiction into an epic narrative of self-discovery, love and the enduring power of the human spirit. From its humble beginnings on Earth to the vast expanses of the cosmos, this book takes readers on a gripping adventure that will keep them turning pages long into the night.
At the heart of the story is Zen, a seemingly ordinary boy thrust into an extraordinary destiny. Franklin expertly captures Zen’s journey of self-discovery, as he grapples with doubt, loneliness and the weight of his divine purpose. From the very first line, readers will find themselves drawn into Zen’s world, rooting for him as he navigates the challenges that come with his newfound power.


The Big Book Review

Geoff Carter, the host of the flagship UK Talk Radio Breakfast Show Says;

“Searching For Zen: A Revolutionary Vision of Science Fiction!”

A Unique Fusion of Myth and Reality

In “Searching For Zen: A Tale Of Divine Destiny,” author Albert T. Franklin masterfully merges the fantastical with the scientific, creating a narrative that pushes the boundaries of science fiction. Set on an Earth where the lines between reality and myth blur, the book introduces us to Zen, a young protagonist burdened with a divine destiny.


Setting the Stage for Adventure

The novel begins on a version of Earth that is both familiar and mysteriously altered, where ancient legends and myths breathe life into the landscape of science fiction. Zen’s transformation from a humble, uncertain boy to a powerful figure facing universal challenges captures the core of what science fiction aims to explore: the human condition in the face of the immense.


Deep Themes Woven Through Action

Franklin’s storytelling is notable for its ability to weave complex themes of power, trust, and resilience with the adventurous spirit and speculative zest that science fiction fans cherish. The narrative entertains while also delving into deep philosophical questions about destiny and power, all set within a richly imagined world that spans both the historical myths of Earth and the expansive possibilities of the cosmos.


Rich Character Tapestry Enhances the Journey

Throughout his journey, Zen encounters a diverse cast of characters, each adding depth and vibrancy to the tale. These characters, ranging from estranged misfits to enigmatic allies, form the core of the story, offering lessons in love and trust that challenge Zen’s understanding of his own strength and destiny.


Science Fiction That Propels the Plot

The science fiction elements of the novel do more than just furnish the backdrop for Zen’s adventures; they propel the plot and enrich the philosophical quandaries he faces. The interplay of these elements with Zen’s spiritual struggles and triumphs offers a fresh perspective on the genre, making “Searching For Zen” a notable narrative in contemporary science fiction.


Conclusion: A Must-Read for Genre Enthusiasts

Albert T. Franklin’s “Searching For Zen” is a profound addition to the science fiction genre, offering an imaginative escape while inviting readers to reflect on very real issues of destiny and self-discovery. This is not just another science fiction read; it’s a philosophical odyssey wrapped in the trappings of new and thrilling worlds, a must-read for anyone seeking a story that resonates deeply and delights in equal measure.



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