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A Gripping Time Travel Thriller

Gripping Time Travel Thriller

The Killer from the Future Kindle Edition

by Benjamin Raunegger (Author), Christina D. V. (Translator)  Format: Kindle Edition

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Experience the fascinating world of time travel and exciting investigations in this gripping novel! Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the past and the future and secure your copy of Benjamin Raunegger’s new masterpiece now and experience an adventure that will keep you spellbound until the very last page!


While reading to his students, physicist and chemist Dr. Peter Wehller receives the news that his wife has been killed in a car accident. The police closed the case, but for Peter there were a lot of inconsistencies in this accidental death! Why was his wife sitting in the passenger seat when there was no one else in the car? And why did she have a puncture mark on the side of her neck? To find out what had happened in the accident, he dug out the “researching the past” project from his ideas drawer. But the journey into the past brought a surprise. The perpetrator himself came from the future.


Can Peter stop the murderer to save his wife without changing the history of time? Or has it already been changed by the murderer?


That sounds like an exciting adventure! The time travel thriller has a fascinating plot and offers plenty of suspense. It’s a book that both entertains and captivates – which makes it all the more exciting to read. What’s more, Dr. Peter Wheller is an interesting character to root for. This novel is just the thing for you to immerse yourself in a world full of secrets and unexpected twists and turns.

 Meet the author

My name is Benjamin Raunegger and I am the author of novels such as “The Murderer from the Future” and “It All Began with Flight UA93”. I have also written two short stories for children, “The Little Worm” and “The Raven Gang”. You can buy all my works as eBooks on Amazon, and my novels are also available in paperback or hardback. Below or in the menu on the left, you will find the links to the reading samples. I am very pleased to welcome you to my site. If you want to know more about me, go to “About me”.


My novels:


“The murderer from the future” is available exclusively* on Amazon as an eBook, paperback and hardback version

Reviews on Amazon:

Cornelia P.

Very exciting from start to finish. Sci fi thriller, great story, you don’t want to stop reading. I really enjoyed the book and can highly recommend it and am happy to give it 5 stars

Gerson Rainer

This science fiction thriller offers good entertainment right from the start. Unforeseen events and actions contribute to the suspenseful anticipation.

Although a thriller, there is no extensive description of violence. On the contrary, the author

clearly reveals his attitude towards violent acts.

Is really worth reading and recommending.


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Geoff Carter from the flagship UK Talk Radio breakfast show reviews ‘The Killer From The Future’ and says,


“You Won’t Believe the Wild Ride in ‘The Killer from the Future’


Benjamin Raunegger’s “The Killer from the Future” is a masterful blend of time travel and thrilling investigations that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Expertly translated by Christina D. V., this Kindle Edition offers a captivating narrative that dives deep into the mysteries of the past and the future.

The story revolves around Dr. Peter Wehller, a physicist and chemist whose life takes a tragic turn when his wife is killed in a suspicious car accident. Despite the police closing the case, Peter is left with nagging questions: Why was his wife in the passenger seat with no driver? What caused the mysterious puncture mark on her neck? Determined to uncover the truth, Peter resurrects his “researching the past” project, only to discover that the killer came from the future.

This intriguing premise sets the stage for a riveting adventure that explores the complexities of time travel. Raunegger weaves a plot filled with suspense, unexpected twists, and thought-provoking scenarios. The author skillfully balances the scientific aspects of time travel with a deeply emotional and personal story, making Dr. Peter Wehller a compelling character to root for.

“The Killer from the Future” is not just about solving a mystery; it delves into the ethical and existential questions of altering the past and its consequences. Can Peter stop the murderer and save his wife without changing the fabric of history? Or has the timeline already been irrevocably altered?

Raunegger’s narrative is both entertaining and intellectually stimulating, ensuring that readers are fully immersed from the first page to the last. The suspenseful pacing and intricate plot twists make this book a standout in the time travel thriller genre.

In summary, “The Killer from the Future” is a thrilling read that promises to captivate and entertain. It’s a must-read for fans of science fiction and mystery alike. Secure your copy now and embark on an unforgettable journey through time and intrigue.







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